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Doreen Rappaport
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What image did Gertrude scratch out in the Bible?
(a) The devil's eyes.
(b) Jesus with the little children.
(c) God descending on clouds.
(d) Moses parting the Red Sea.

2. What did Gertrude become at the age of 17?
(a) An activist for Indians' rights.
(b) A young wife who left the area with her husband.
(c) An agent who separated Indian children from their parents.
(d) A young mother who gave up her children.

3. How many marriages did Tate have with white men?
(a) 3.
(b) 1.
(c) 5.
(d) 2.

4. Which of the following is NOT something the girls did at the boarding school?
(a) Baked.
(b) Washed.
(c) Sewed.
(d) Made pottery.

5. How many children slept in each bed at the boarding house?
(a) 5.
(b) 1.
(c) 4.
(d) 2.

6. What was Gertrude ordered to mash one day?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Turnips.
(c) Apples.
(d) Sweet potatoes.

7. Which of the following did Gertrude NOT do during her happy Summer days?
(a) Played with her friends.
(b) Sharpened knives.
(c) Impersonated her mother.
(d) Ate sweet root.

8. What did Gertrude and her friends do that the headmistress did not want them to do?
(a) Flirted with the boys.
(b) Wasted their food.
(c) Picked unripe apples.
(d) Played in the snow.

9. What happened to Gertrude when she got on the train?
(a) She nearly passed out.
(b) She vomited.
(c) She fainted.
(d) She got pushed to the floor.

10. What did the devil in Gertrude's dream symbolize?
(a) The headmaster.
(b) The white man.
(c) The president.
(d) Her father.

11. Gertrude was born on February 22 in what year?
(a) 1919.
(b) 1863.
(c) 1822.
(d) 1876.

12. What did the headmistress do to Totowin for playing in the snow?
(a) She made her wash dishes.
(b) She beat her.
(c) She withheld her supper.
(d) She sent her to her room.

13. What is a winyan?
(a) A woman.
(b) A bird.
(c) A wound.
(d) A brook.

14. Why did Gertrude cry at the boarding school?
(a) She was hungry.
(b) She was tired.
(c) She wanted her mother.
(d) She was ill.

15. Why did Gertrude cry on the train?
(a) She had a bad sunburn.
(b) She was getting the flu.
(c) She realized she had left her mother.
(d) Someone took her bag of possessions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Like many Indian children who attended boarding school, Gertrude suffered __________________.

2. Who was Tate's son from her second marriage?

3. The U.S. government forced Tate to send David to _____________________.

4. Gertrude enjoyed the stories about which Indian character?

5. What role did Cloud Elk have in the tribe?

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