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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Julian nap?
(a) No where.
(b) At the sleezy motel.
(c) In the monkey house at the zoo.
(d) On a park bench.

2. Why do Hephzibah and Sam say Kaddish for Libor?
(a) Emmy asks them to.
(b) He asked them to in a note.
(c) He was like a father to them.
(d) He has no children.

3. What is Julian excluded from doing?
(a) Eating after the Kaddish is said.
(b) Saying Kaddish.
(c) Being in the room while Kaddish is said.
(d) Standing next to Hepzibah during the Kaddish.

4. What does Julian ask Hephzibah one day while they are in bed?
(a) If she is interested in dating Sam.
(b) If she wants to invite Sam over for dinner.
(c) If she thinks Sam is attractive.
(d) If she thinks Sam is an anti-Gentile.

5. What does Libor say Julian is cruel to do?
(a) Tell Libor about Tyler.
(b) Refuse to visit Alfredo.
(c) Refuse to help Julian's daughter through college.
(d) Doubt Hephzibah.

6. What does Julian say a little girl claims at a family birthday party?
(a) That Julian does not belong there.
(b) That Julian is not family.
(c) That Julian is funny in a different way.
(d) That Julian should be a clown.

7. Where does Sam go after he stops at his son's place?
(a) Blaise's apartment.
(b) The Classics Department at Oxford.
(c) His ex-wife's apartment.
(d) The Religion Department at Oxford.

8. Who does Sam go to find?
(a) Libor.
(b) His daughter.
(c) A prostitute.
(d) His son.

9. Why does Julian help a fifteen-year-old boy?
(a) The boy twisted his ankle.
(b) The boy is lost.
(c) The boy is crying.
(d) He is a Sephardic Jew that is being harassed.

10. What does the young girl call Julian when he asks her a question?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Jerk.
(c) Meanie.
(d) Freak.

11. What does Sam call his son?
(a) An anti-Semite.
(b) A fool.
(c) Bullheaded.
(d) Misguided.

12. About what does Julian talk to both Sam and Libor to gain their opinions?
(a) The problem of Jewish pain.
(b) Converting to Judaism.
(c) Circumcision.
(d) The situation in Palestine.

13. What does the young girl do who is left behind from a group of children?
(a) Crying.
(b) Trying to catch a butterfly.
(c) Taking off her shoes.
(d) Sits on a bench.

14. Who introduces herself to Sam and Julian?
(a) Libor's brother.
(b) Libor's sister.
(c) Emmy.
(d) Libor's daughter.

15. Who does Libor suggest Julian hire?
(a) A janitor for the museum.
(b) A valet for parking cars at the museum.
(c) A Hebrew teacher.
(d) A chef.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Julian help the boy?

2. About what is Hephzibah uncertain concerning Julian?

3. Where does Sam go to say Kaddish?

4. For what is Julian to blame?

5. What does Libor say all Julian is?

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