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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what part of being Jewish does Julian feel he is deficient?
(a) In his heart.
(b) In his looks.
(c) In practice.
(d) In his knowledge of the Jewish traditions.

2. What does Hephzibah suggest Julian do as assistant curator?
(a) Canvass some of the prominent Jews in London on their opinion about the museum.
(b) Catalog all the incoming donations of memorabilia.
(c) Do some fund raising.
(d) Think about what else the museum should highlight.

3. What does Tyler say about Sam's expectations for Jews?
(a) That he needs to have some expectations.
(b) They are too high.
(c) They are misplaced.
(d) They are too low.

4. Where does Sam go after he stops at his son's place?
(a) Blaise's apartment.
(b) The Religion Department at Oxford.
(c) The Classics Department at Oxford.
(d) His ex-wife's apartment.

5. Who does Sam go to find?
(a) Libor.
(b) His son.
(c) A prostitute.
(d) His daughter.

6. What does Julian ask Hephzibah one day while they are in bed?
(a) If she wants to invite Sam over for dinner.
(b) If she thinks Sam is an anti-Gentile.
(c) If she thinks Sam is attractive.
(d) If she is interested in dating Sam.

7. Why does Julian help a fifteen-year-old boy?
(a) The boy is lost.
(b) He is a Sephardic Jew that is being harassed.
(c) The boy twisted his ankle.
(d) The boy is crying.

8. What interrupts Sam's plans to play online poker?
(a) A call from his mother.
(b) A call from Libor.
(c) A call from his daughter.
(d) A call from his ex-wife.

9. Who does Julian notice outside the museum?
(a) A group of Arabs.
(b) The Jew with the PLO scarf.
(c) No one.
(d) A group of young men.

10. How many pounds does Sam lose at poker?
(a) About 450.
(b) Over 2000.
(c) Almost 300.
(d) Almost 1000.

11. What has Julian forgotten about when he arrives back at his apartment?
(a) His grandson's birthday.
(b) The dinner at Sam's.
(c) The museum opening.
(d) The opera tickets they had for tonight.

12. Where does Libor invite Emmy to meet him?
(a) At Trafalgar Square.
(b) Near Chaires Cross Road.
(c) At the Ritz.
(d) Near Lambeth bridge.

13. What does Sam call his son?
(a) Misguided.
(b) An anti-Semite.
(c) Bullheaded.
(d) A fool.

14. Where does Libor meet with Julian?
(a) At the Globe.
(b) At a bookstore near Libor's home.
(c) At the museum.
(d) At Nosh Bar.

15. Why does Julian feel lonely and dejected?
(a) Because his job seems to be a dead end.
(b) Because his sons seem to have forgotten about him.
(c) Because he is missing the parties he used to go to as a lookalike.
(d) Because he is not a real Jew.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the beauty of Kaddish in Sam's mind?

2. How did Tyler arrange the details of her death?

3. Why does Hephzibah pray at home?

4. Where does Sam go to say Kaddish?

5. Why does Hephzibah feel paranoid?

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