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This is the main setting of this novel and all of the action occurs in here except Julian's vacation with his sons.

Museum of Anglo-Jewish Culture

This is a new museum over which Hephzibah will be the curator, and she works planning and organizing the museum.


This is where Immanuel and Blaise live.

St. John's Wood

This is where Hephzibah's apartment is located, and Julian moves in with her after his vacation.

Regent's Park

This is located between Hephzibah's apartment and Libor's home.

J. P. Guivier

This is the oldest violin shop in the country.


This is where Julian goes on vacation with his sons before moving in with Hephzibah.


This is the topic of much conversation and debate among the ASHamed Jews and between Sam and Libor.

Beachy Head

This is the name of the cliffs near Eastbourne.

ASHamed Jews

This is a...

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