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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the pitch site where the Duelum fights take place?
(a) Alcumus Quadrangle.
(b) LaCompa Quadrangle.
(c) Peckwater Quadrangle.
(d) Domitar Quadrangle.

2. What is described as “an evil spirit that attached to your body and then your mind and drove you irreversibly insane with every fear you’ve ever had”?
(a) A jabbit.
(b) A maniack.
(c) A frek.
(d) A cobble.

3. What weapon does Vega use to kill the monstrous beasts in QUADRAGINTA NOVEM: “To the Death”?
(a) Destin.
(b) The Adder Stone.
(c) The Elemental.
(d) Virgil’s ring.

4. Who is Delph assigned to fight first in the Duelum in TRIGINTA TRES: “Foes United”?
(a) Quentin Herms.
(b) Ran Digby.
(c) Cletus Loon.
(d) Newton Tilt.

5. Where does Vega Jane find her brother crying?
(a) Steeples.
(b) The Care.
(c) Valhall.
(d) Stacks.

6. Vega Jane attends the funeral of __________________.
(a) Duf Delphia.
(b) Domitar.
(c) Alvis Alcumus.
(d) Newton Tilt.

7. What does Vega attempt to use to help Duf Delphia in QUADRAGINTA UNUS: “Slivers Too Few”?
(a) Virgil’s ring.
(b) The Adder Stone.
(c) The Elemental.
(d) Destin.

8. What kind of surgery has been performed on Duf Delphia when Vega reaches the hospital in QUADRAGINTA UNUS: “Slivers Too Few”?
(a) He has had a kidney transplant.
(b) His legs have been amputated.
(c) He has had his appendix removed.
(d) His arm was amputated.

9. Who calls out to Vega for help when the monstrous beasts begin to attack the crowd?
(a) Ezekiel.
(b) Silas.
(c) Morrigone.
(d) Alvis Alcumus.

10. Who visits Vega the night before the final battle of the Duelum to wish her luck?
(a) Hector Jane.
(b) John Jane.
(c) Thansius.
(d) Morrigone.

11. What is the first prize that is announced for the Duelum on the banner?
(a) 800 coins.
(b) 100 coins.
(c) 500 coins.
(d) 1,000 coins.

12. Duk Dodgson is described as a protégé of whom?
(a) Thaddeus Kitchen.
(b) Ezekiel.
(c) Morrigone.
(d) Jurik Krone.

13. Who removes the ink from Vega’s hand?
(a) Thaddeus Kitchen.
(b) Dis Fidus.
(c) Jurik Krone.
(d) Ezekiel.

14. How old does Ladon-Tosh claim to be, according to Delph?
(a) 23.
(b) 25.
(c) 21.
(d) 30.

15. What has Thansius sent to Vega along with Quentin Herms’s book about the Quag?
(a) The Elemental.
(b) Virgil’s ring.
(c) The Adder Stone.
(d) Destin.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Vega's discovery, what caused the Wall straps to weaken?

2. Where does Vega tell Delph she’s going to look for the Adder Stone?

3. What creature from Quentin Herms’s book is described as one “that would help you so long as you gave it a small gift each light”?

4. When Delph asks Vega what the celebration is for at dinner in QUADRAGINTA QUINQUE: “A Special Night,” Vega responds that today is what?

5. Why has Vega’s opponent in the third round of the Duelum been exempted from the fight?

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