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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cletus Loon do as Vega’s hand is raised in victory after her first Duelum fight?
(a) He punches Delph.
(b) He shoots her with a morta.
(c) He spits on her.
(d) He punches her in the face.

2. Where does Vega drop off her forged letter in QUADRAGINTA QUATTUOR: “Vega Down Under”?
(a) Thansius’s home.
(b) Jurik Krone’s home.
(c) Morrigone’s home.
(d) Valhall.

3. What does Vega use to blow away the wall and reveal the staircase to the upper floors at Stacks?
(a) A frek.
(b) Destin.
(c) The Elemental.
(d) The Adder Stone.

4. According to Thansius, what is the prize if a female Wug wins the Duelum competition?
(a) 500 coins.
(b) 1,000 coins.
(c) 2,000 coins.
(d) 3,000 coins.

5. What does Vega steal from Thansius’s desk?
(a) A letter opener.
(b) An official parchment.
(c) Virgil's ring.
(d) An ink pen.

6. How frequently does the Duelum take place in Wormwood?
(a) Twice a year.
(b) Once every two years.
(c) Once a year.
(d) Once every five years.

7. Whose portrait is hung over the doorway inside the Council headquarters in QUADRAGINTA TRES: “A Matter of Parchment”?
(a) Alvis Alcumus’s.
(b) Jurik Krone’s.
(c) Ezekiel's.
(d) Newton Tilt’s.

8. What is described as “an evil spirit that attached to your body and then your mind and drove you irreversibly insane with every fear you’ve ever had”?
(a) A frek.
(b) A maniack.
(c) A cobble.
(d) A jabbit.

9. What is the name of the restaurant that Delph takes Vega to after her first Duelum fight?
(a) The Cookstove.
(b) The Starving Tove.
(c) Betty’s Kitchen.
(d) The Green Pea.

10. Why has Vega’s opponent in the third round of the Duelum been exempted from the fight?
(a) He was expelled for cheating.
(b) He shot himself in the foot.
(c) He was put in jail for robbery.
(d) He was killed by a creta.

11. Who fired an employee that was working on the Wall in QUADRAGINTA DUO: “A Bit of Mischief”?
(a) John Jane.
(b) Jurik Krone.
(c) Newton Tilt.
(d) Ezekiel.

12. To whom does Vega give her Duelum winnings?
(a) Duf Delphia.
(b) Silas.
(c) Quentin Herms.
(d) Jurik Krone.

13. Who removes the ink from Vega’s hand?
(a) Dis Fidus.
(b) Jurik Krone.
(c) Thaddeus Kitchen.
(d) Ezekiel.

14. What does Vega ask of Delph in the note that she leaves for him in QUADRAGINTA NOVEM: “To the Death”?
(a) To kill her brother.
(b) To meet her at the Quag after the fight.
(c) To call on Morrigone.
(d) To care for Harry Two if she dies.

15. What word is used in the novel to refer to Duf's prosthetic legs?
(a) Timbertoes.
(b) Flex-foots.
(c) Cobbles.
(d) Freks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Vega Jane find her brother crying?

2. What plan does Delph present to Vega when he visits in the beginning of TRIGINTA UNUS: “Practice Makes Imperfect”?

3. Delph threatens Vega by telling her that if she doesn’t allow him to go with her into Stacks, he’ll tell ___________.

4. Where does Vega Jane take Delph to dinner in QUADRAGINTA QUINQUE: “A Special Night”?

5. How many coins does Thansius award to Vega in QUINQUAGINTA: “The Duelum Champion”?

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