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1. What sound awakens Vega in UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood”? Where does Vega go when she wakes up?

UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood” opens as the narrator, Vega Jane, is awakened by a scream in the forest; she climbs down from her tree house in the top of a large poplar tree, and rushes through the forest to find attack canines, presumably released by the Council.

2. What does Vega Jane witness when she reaches the Quag in UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood”?

Vega Jane encounters the Quag, an impenetrable barrier that circles Wormwood. She looks on as the Council members and their dogs peer into the depths of the Quag. Vega watches as a Wug she knows disappears into the barrier.

3. How does Vega introduce herself and Delph in UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood”? How old are these characters?

Vega explains that she is fourteen and that Wormwood, where she lives, is a village full of Wugmorts, called Wugs for short. Delph is described as sixteen. He works at the flour mill. As a child, he experienced something that made him mentally different than other Wugs. He has a speech impediment that causes him to stutter.

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