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This village is the main setting of the novel and is the home of the Wugmorts.

The Quag

This area is referred to as an impenetrable barrier that surrounds the village where the Wugmorts live.

Virgil's Ring

This object is a source of curiosity to the members of the Council because it came to be in the possession of Quentin Herms.


This is the name of the factory where Vega Jane works and where Quentin Herms trained her as an apprentice.

The Loons

This is the name that Vega uses to refer to the boarding house where she lives in the beginning of the novel.


This is the animated chain that Vega discovers in a magical room at the factory where she works. When wearing the chain around her waist, Vega is able to fly with it.

The Elemental

This is the spear that Vega...

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