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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood” opens as Vega Jane is awakened by a scream in the forest. She climbs down from her tree house and rushes through the forests of Wormwood to find attack canines, presumably released by the Council. Objectives for this lesson include researching author David Baldacci, identifying the genre of the novel, and analyzing the setting of Wormwood established in UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood.”


Research Activity: Conduct research on author David Baldacci and the genre of The Finisher. How many novels has Baldacci written? What are his primary genres? What are common themes in his works?

Group Assignment: Assign students to small groups of 3-4 each. As a group, read UNUS: “A Place Called Wormwood” and discuss the setting. Collaborate in developing a model, visual image, or other project which depicts the setting of Wormwood and the surrounding Quag. How large...

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