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Chapters 1-5

• The Finisher is a young adult fantasy novel by bestselling author David Baldacci. The story opens as the main character Vega Jane is awakened by a scream in the forest. She climbs down from her tree house and rushes through the forests of Wormwood to find attack canines, presumably released by the Council.

• Vega Jane works at Stacks. Stacks is so-called because of the numerous chimney stacks on its roof. The facility produces “pretty things,” which Vega works on as a “finisher.”

• As Vega takes a porcelain bowl to her workstation for finishing, she finds a note inside from Quentin, a co-worker who trained Vega on her job as a finisher.

• Vega swallows the parchment with the note as four members of the Council come into Domitar’s office at the factory and approach Vega.

• In “Hector and Helen,” Vega gets off work at Stacks and...

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