The Field Guide Character Descriptions

Holly Black
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Jared Grace

He is the main character in the story because he leads the effort to find out about the creature haunting the old house where the Grace family moves.

Mallory Grace

She is Jared's older sister and is thirteen years old.

The Boggart, the Brownie, the Creature

He is not met in person in the story until the very end, where a pencil-sized old man appears to the children.

Simon Grace

He is Jared's twin brother.

Great-Aunt Lucinda

She only makes an occasional appearance in the story in memories and quotes of others.

Helen Grace, Mom

She is the mother of the three Grace children.

Arthur Spiderwick

He is the author of the Field Guide book.

The Faeries, the Creatures

The field guide describes a series of these.

Construction People

There are a group of these brought in to work in the house by Helen Grace.

The Boy at School

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