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Philippa Gregory
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Richard respond when he hears that Julia is pregnant?

2. How quickly is Julia revisited by Beatrice upon returning to Wideacre?

3. What is wrong with the captain that performs Julia's wedding ceremony?

4. How is it rumored that Wideacre grows such a prosperous harvest?

5. Why is Jimmy Dart arrested?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens after Richard demands that Julia dress up for a dinner engagement?

2. How does Julia get Rosie Dench's debt erased?

3. What do Julia and James witness when they visit the hovel where the slave children live, and what is their response?

4. What interesting thing does Julia witness at Clary's funeral?

5. After Julia's encounter with Ralph in the village, what does she dream of when she falls to sleep that night?

6. What does Richard admit to Julia when he meets her in Midhurst?

7. What happens when Julia encounters Ralph while she is experiencing morning sickness?

8. Why are Clary and Matthew Merry in a fight during Maying?

9. What is "Maying," and how is it celebrated?

10. Why is Ralph arrested?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The fields of Wideacre set the stage for the entire novel. Explain how the fields display a theme of class among the people in Wideacre, and explain how Uncle John sets a plan in motion that attempts to equalize the profits of the Wideacre fields.

Essay Topic 2

As children, Julia is in love with her cousin Richard and cannot imagine a life without him. Describe the way that Julia treats Richard in their childhood and compare and contrast this treatment with her treatment of him as an adult.

Essay Topic 3

Richard spends his entire life tormenting Julia. Choose three examples of times that Richard tormented Julia, and explain the impact of his torment on Julia's adult life.

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