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Philippa Gregory
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Short Answer Questions

1. In her reoccurring dream about the church, what does Julia dream hits the building?

2. What does Julia decide to name her new horse, gifted from Ralph?

3. Who catches Julia gardening and comments on her talent?

4. What has Julia lost in the village, prompting her, Richard, and Ralph to go back searching for it?

5. What is Marianne's social status?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Wideacre deal with the news that Ralph has escaped from prison?

2. After the attack, how does Julia make her way home and what does she tell her family?

3. How does James encourage Julia to embrace her heritage?

4. After Julia's encounter with Ralph in the village, what does she dream of when she falls to sleep that night?

5. How does Julia feel about having meeting and having to visit with Dr. Phillips?

6. What recurring dream does Julia have as an adult?

7. What is the reaction among Wideacre estates to Uncle John's payment plan?

8. What happens after Julia goads Richard into attacking her?

9. How is Ralph Megson welcomed to Wideacre estate?

10. Why is Dench fired from his position in the stable houses?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Julia is governed under the deeply patriarchal society perpetuated by the beliefs of her Grandmamma.

Part 1) Describe the way that Grandmamma believes a woman should act in this society.

Part 2) Explain the way that Grandmamma's beliefs directly affect Julia's relationships with men.

Part 3) Explain how Julia eventually begins to fight against Grandmamma's beliefs about gender roles and the impact that fight has on Julia's life.

Essay Topic 2

The fields of Wideacre set the stage for the entire novel. Explain how the fields display a theme of class among the people in Wideacre, and explain how Uncle John sets a plan in motion that attempts to equalize the profits of the Wideacre fields.

Essay Topic 3

Uncle John and Celia have vastly different parenting techniques. Compare and contrast the two characters as parents, and explain the impact that they each have directly on the children of the novel.

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