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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Julia refer to her cousin Richard?
(a) As her "dunce relative."
(b) As her "dearest friend."
(c) As her "archenemy."
(d) As her "small companion."

2. What impediment affects Matthew Merry?
(a) He is deaf.
(b) He is blind.
(c) He is mute.
(d) He stutters.

3. How does Grandmamma Havering expect a wife to act to her husband?
(a) She should treat her husband like a pig.
(b) She should live in fear of her huband's wrath.
(c) She should demand to be treated as an equal.
(d) She should bow to her husband's requests.

4. After leaving the village and meeting Dench, what does Ralph admit to Julia?
(a) That he helped set fire to Wildacre.
(b) That he and Beatrice were once lovers.
(c) That he slashed the legs of Richard's horse.
(d) That he has been stealing from her family.

5. What does Julia begin to dream about Ralph after their visit to the town?
(a) That she and Ralph are siblings.
(b) That she and Ralph are bank robbers.
(c) That she and Ralph are lovers.
(d) That she and Ralph are arch enemies.

6. As children, what did Julia and Robert promise to do?
(a) Travel the world together.
(b) Stay best friends forever.
(c) Marry each other one day.
(d) Move out of their hometown.

7. How old was Julia when her father died?
(a) Twenty-two-years-old.
(b) Twenty-years-old.
(c) Twelve-years-old.
(d) Two-years-old.

8. What part of his body is Ralph Megson missing?
(a) His fingers.
(b) His eyes.
(c) His arms.
(d) His legs.

9. Why is Dench fired?
(a) For stealing linens from the Acre.
(b) For breaking Celia's glass vase.
(c) For being drunk on the job.
(d) For letting Julia ride the horse.

10. When Julia overhears Uncle John speaking to the woman from town, how many babies does the woman say that she has buried?
(a) Five.
(b) Seven.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

11. What does Julia do with the extra trees from her orchard?
(a) She plants them in her small, personal garden.
(b) She throws them away.
(c) She plants them in the village.
(d) She plants them by the sea side.

12. When Julia confronts Celia about her resemblance to Beatrice, how does Celia respond?
(a) That Julia and Beatrice are like twins.
(b) That Beatrice was much more beautiful that Julia.
(c) That Julia looks much different that Beatrice.
(d) That she doesn't remember what Beatrice looked like.

13. What animal does Ralph regularly poach from the river?
(a) Crawfish.
(b) Shrimp.
(c) Salmon.
(d) Trout.

14. Why does Uncle John think that it is necessary to change the way that the employees are paid?
(a) To ensure that all the workers come into the fields on time.
(b) To ensure that all the workers care about what is happening on the estate.
(c) To ensure that the workers stop stealing from the fields.
(d) To ensure that the workers stay loyal to the Wideacre estate.

15. After planning the crops for the year, how much of the harvest will be sold at a fair price to the villagers?
(a) All of the crops.
(b) A large percentage.
(c) None of the crops.
(d) A small percentage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the weather like on the day that Julia is sent to plant the orchard?

2. To what city does Uncle John and Celia wish to send Julia to see a doctor?

3. What type of animal is Scheherazade?

4. What is Ralph Megson famous for doing in the village?

5. What is Marianne's social status?

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