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Philippa Gregory
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 25 and 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Uncle John's plan to cut hourly wages from the Wideacre employees?
(a) To pay the workers in land.
(b) To pay the workers in profit share.
(c) To pay the workers in kind words.
(d) Not to pay the workers at all.

2. After Julia is given permission to take riding lessons, what happens to the horse?
(a) It's legs are slashed.
(b) It goes missing in the night.
(c) It falls ill with a disease.
(d) Richard takes it to town and sells it.

3. When Julia looks over at Richard during the funeral, what is he doing?
(a) Yawning.
(b) Smiling.
(c) Crying.
(d) Laughing.

4. Who convinces Ralph to abide by Uncle John's new plan?
(a) The villagers.
(b) Uncle John.
(c) Richard.
(d) Julia.

5. When Uncle John returns from the mines, what is he disappointed to see in Richard?
(a) A lack of studious behavior.
(b) A spoiled attitude.
(c) A slight stature.
(d) An unathletic physique.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard visits Julia in the fields where she is sowing, how does Julia greet him?

2. What is the name of the town where Julia arranges to meet Richard to tell him her news?

3. What is the weather like on the day that Julia is sent to plant the orchard?

4. Which symptom of pregnancy plagues Julia through the first months of her pregnancy?

5. In Julia's reoccurring dream, where are she and the baby headed?

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