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Philippa Gregory
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17 and 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Celia and Julia rent from Mrs. Gibson?
(a) A horse and buggy.
(b) A motor car.
(c) An apartment.
(d) A sewing machine.

2. What is the weather like on the day that Julia is sent to plant the orchard?
(a) It is snowing.
(b) It is windy.
(c) It is sunny.
(d) It is raining.

3. What relation does Clary have to the accused Dench?
(a) She is his daughter.
(b) They have no relation.
(c) She is his sister.
(d) She is his neice.

4. Which of the following characters have plans to become the next owner of the Wideacre estate?
(a) Clary.
(b) Ralph.
(c) Matthew Merry.
(d) Richard.

5. After planning the crops for the year, how much of the harvest will be sold at a fair price to the villagers?
(a) All of the crops.
(b) A large percentage.
(c) None of the crops.
(d) A small percentage.

Short Answer Questions

1. How quickly is Julia revisited by Beatrice upon returning to Wideacre?

2. When Julia confronts Celia about her resemblance to Beatrice, how does Celia respond?

3. How does Julia thank James for his words of kindness to her?

4. Which of the following characters does NOT encourage Julia to embrace her magical heritage?

5. When Julia is fighting with the village children, where is Richard?

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