The Favored Child Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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Julia Lacey

This character has a love of the Wideacre land and is also gifted with the Sight--the ability to see and dream things that will come true.

Richard McAdams

This character is full of anger and a madness that is first recognized by animals--a madness that leads this character to physically attack and brutalize loved ones.

Celia Lacey

This character is wealthy, gentle, and feels most at home in Bath, among the people of society, although this character never complains of the hardships simple country life have brought.

Ralph Megson

This character is hired to be the new overseer of Wideacre and was known for a period of time as "the Culler".

Uncle John McAdams

This character spends time in Africa and works as a physician to provide farming supplies make the estate profitable again.

Clary Dench

This character spreads many legends and rumors and becomes friends...

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