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Mark E. Neely, Jr.
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does General Grant propose to exchange civilian hostages?
(a) By age.
(b) By gender, then age.
(c) By social class.
(d) In a designated neutral town.

2. Who is John Quincy Adams's political nemesis?
(a) Sidney Cromwell.
(b) Abraham Lincoln.
(c) Thomas Jefferson.
(d) George B. McClellan.

3. In Chapter 6, which Anti-Lincoln historian is accused of exaggerating partisan abuse and political exploitation?
(a) Dean Sprague.
(b) James G. Randall.
(c) Frank Klement.
(d) James McPherson.

4. Who is the presidential nominee for the Democratic party in 1864?
(a) Abraham Lincoln.
(b) John V. L. Pruyn.
(c) Sidney Cromwell.
(d) George B. McClellan.

5. How does Kenneth A. Bernard attempt to defend Lincoln's character?
(a) Lincoln is forced to make hard choices.
(b) The security of the nation is more valuable than civil liberty.
(c) Lincoln rectifies his mistakes.
(d) Lincoln is protecting America from guerrilla warfare.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which 20th century historian depicts Lincoln as a merciful humanitarian caught in between preserving the Union and violating civil rights?

2. Why are no military trials conducted in Delaware during the Civil War?

3. According to Lincoln, what act did President Jefferson commit without having the constitutional power to do so?

4. Who is Wes Bogan?

5. In Chapter 6, what is the average length of time a Northern arrestee is detained?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Mexican-American War influence Lincoln's perception of Constitutional issues?

2. What is the purpose of James G. Randall's book, "Constitutional Problems under Lincoln"?

3. How does Lincoln explain his decision to suspend the writ of habeas corpus?

4. Who is Wes Bogan?

5. What concerns do Union officials have about rebel defectors who claim to be seeking asylum in the Union?

6. According to Lincoln, what differentiates his actions from that of a dictator?

7. How does the USS Niphon capture the Ella and Annie?

8. Why are modern historians unable to replicate or confirm Colonel F. C. Ainsworth's study?

9. According to the laws of war, what happens to neutral crewmen when a neutral ship is confiscated?

10. Why does Andrew D. Duff predict that President Lincoln will not allow voting in November of 1864?

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