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Mark E. Neely, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concerns does Joseph Holt have about rebel defectors who are found behind Union lines?
(a) They might escape and pass valuable information to the enemy.
(b) They are too expensive to keep properly.
(c) They might carry disease.
(d) They might be spies or messengers.

2. What is the significance of Ex parte Milligan?
(a) It recognizes the effect blockades have on local commerce.
(b) It controls the amount of goods the army can claim.
(c) It reduces the military's power to conduct civilian trials.
(d) It sets precedent for military remuneration.

3. How does the Confederate Captain John Wilkinson slip through the blockade in 1864?
(a) By hiding in inlets and traveling at night.
(b) By pretending to be from Boston.
(c) By pretending to be a Union officer.
(d) By pretending to be British.

4. How long are military courts allowed to try civilians?
(a) Before and during the Civil War.
(b) During and after the Civil War.
(c) Before, during and after the Civil War.
(d) Only during the Civil War.

5. In reviewing the "U.S. Army Court Martial Cases" of 1863-65, why does Lincoln sometimes disagree with Holt?
(a) He is more strict and judgmental.
(b) They are of opposing political parties.
(c) He likes to point out procedural technicalities.
(d) He is more lenient and merciful.

6. What does the War Department and General E. R. S. Camby declare the Banshee?
(a) Property of the Confederacy.
(b) A foreign agent.
(c) An agent of the Confederacy.
(d) Property of the Union.

7. What war makes Lincoln aware of the importance of constitutional issues?
(a) The French-Indian War.
(b) The Revolutionary War.
(c) The Civil War.
(d) The Mexican-American War.

8. Who opposes refunding Jackson's fine and publishes a pamphlet about martial law threatening slavery?
(a) Horace Binney.
(b) Franklin Pierce.
(c) Judge S. S. Nicholas.
(d) Professor Joel Parker.

9. Who renders the final verdict in Ex parte Milligan?
(a) The Union Military Commission.
(b) The Supreme Court.
(c) Edward Bates.
(d) President Lincoln.

10. Which politician quotes Lord Coke by saying, "Where courts of law are open, martial law cannot be executed"?
(a) Abraham Lincoln.
(b) Clement Vallandingham.
(c) Horatio Seymour.
(d) George B. McClellan.

11. Which General orders all blockade runners released in 1864?
(a) Edward Bates.
(b) John A. Dix.
(c) William T. Sherman.
(d) Ulysses S. Grant.

12. In Chapter 6, what is the average length of time a Northern arrestee is detained?
(a) 6 weeks.
(b) 30 days.
(c) Eight days.
(d) 60 days.

13. How does Maryland protest the military arrest of citizens?
(a) With satirical songs and pamphlets.
(b) By burning bridges.
(c) By marching a group of women and children to the White House.
(d) By destroying railroads.

14. Who is John Quincy Adams's political nemesis?
(a) Abraham Lincoln.
(b) George B. McClellan.
(c) Thomas Jefferson.
(d) Sidney Cromwell.

15. In the "White Flag Affair," how does Union General Christopher C. Augur convince three Confederates to release his captured Union soldiers?
(a) By holding their wives hostage.
(b) By threatening to burn their farms.
(c) By holding their eldest sons hostage.
(d) By holding their fathers hostage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dred Scott?

2. What complaint does Joseph G. Knapp send to Edward Bates in Chapter 8?

3. In Chapter 6, what are the primary reasons for most arrests of Northern citizens?

4. Which pioneer political scientist drafts War Department General Order No. 100, specifying that hostages be treated as POWs?

5. Why are no military trials conducted in Delaware during the Civil War?

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