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Mark E. Neely, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unusual qualities does Henry W. Halleck have in a leader?
(a) He has a natural charisma that attracts all voters.
(b) He speaks both the language of the law and the language of the people.
(c) He has written about international law and observes legal niceties.
(d) He is well read, intelligent and also has great physical strength.

2. Who is Edwin M. Stanton?
(a) Lincoln's Secretary of War.
(b) The Attorney General.
(c) A Brigadier General of the Union Army.
(d) Lincoln's Secretary of State.

3. What type of warfare does John Singleton Mosby employ?
(a) Attrition warfare.
(b) Maneuver warfare.
(c) Guerrilla tactics.
(d) Jacksonian warfare.

4. Why are judges still issuing writs of habeas corpus in Chapter 3?
(a) They are waiting on a statement from the Supreme Court.
(b) Lincoln has yet to publicize his suspension of habeas corpus.
(c) They are sympathetic to the Confederacy.
(d) Broken rail lines have delayed official information.

5. How are disloyal citizens tried in Chapter 2?
(a) In the field.
(b) In civil courts.
(c) In federal courts.
(d) In military commissions.

6. In Chapter 5, why does the Union Army close down nine firms and arrest 97 employees and owners?
(a) For running good through blockades.
(b) For selling alcohol to Union troops.
(c) For brokering Army enlistments.
(d) For bringing illegal goods across picket lines.

7. How do Union Generals treat civilians who sell alcohol to their soldiers?
(a) Hang them.
(b) Confiscate all their liquor.
(c) Place them in public stocks for 24 hours.
(d) Jail them for 30-60 days.

8. Which book of John A. Marshall's is well read among Lincoln's critics?
(a) The Merryman.
(b) Low Tide for Liberty.
(c) The Prisoner of State.
(d) The American Bastile.

9. Whom does the Secretary of the Navy blame for the hoax published in the New York "World" and the "Journal of Commerce"?
(a) Oliver Cromwell.
(b) Frank A. Mallison.
(c) Hamilton Easter.
(d) Charles Dana.

10. What war time legal practice is revived due to the rise of guerilla warfare in America?
(a) Military commissions.
(b) Hangings.
(c) Execution squads.
(d) Seizure of property.

11. What does Peter H. Watson oversee in Chapter 5?
(a) The transfer of Confederate prisioners.
(b) The investigation of John Eitel's illegal operations.
(c) The transfer of civilian prisoners.
(d) The movement of Union troops through St. Louis.

12. What decision does Lincoln make on April 27, 1861?
(a) He announces the Emancipation Proclamation.
(b) He suspends writ of habeas corpus on rail routes from Philadelphia to Washington.
(c) He makes plans to reunite America.
(d) He decides to send troops into the South.

13. Which bill, passed in 1863, removes the cracks between military and civilian justice?
(a) Militia Act.
(b) Whiting Bill.
(c) Bates Bill.
(d) The Habeas Corpus Act.

14. What do William Seward and George McClelland approve in Chapter 1?
(a) An attack plan for Missouri.
(b) A list of Maryland lawmakers who may be arrested.
(c) A collection of international civil liberty laws.
(d) A list of Confederate supporters.

15. Which unpopular bill does Congress pass on July 17, 1862?
(a) The Habeas Corpus Act.
(b) The Militia Act.
(c) The Writ Act.
(d) The Emancipation Proclamation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the verdict in Joseph Griffin's case?

2. When does Lincoln suspend the writ of habeas corpus in Missouri?

3. Whom does General Grant expel from Tennessee for violating Treasury regulations?

4. Why does Clement L. Vallandigham's arrest cause widespread Democratic protests?

5. Which famous case will refer to Samuel Perkins' arguments in 1966?

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