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Mark E. Neely, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does General Grant expel from Tennessee for violating Treasury regulations?
(a) Confederate bankers.
(b) Joseph Law.
(c) All Jews.
(d) Edward Bates.

2. With what political party does President Lincoln associate the longest?
(a) Democratic.
(b) Tory.
(c) Republican.
(d) Whig.

3. What decision does General John C. Frymont make about Joseph Aubuchon?
(a) He orders Aubuchon's execution.
(b) He overturns Aubuchon's conviction.
(c) He upholds Aubuchon's conviction.
(d) He arrests Aubuchon for interfering in military trials.

4. Why does General William S. Harney refuse to release Captain Emmett McDonald?
(a) He fears for Captain McDonald's safety.
(b) On grounds of "higher law."
(c) On grounds of federal law.
(d) On grounds of international law.

5. Which former U.S. President does Lincoln admire?
(a) James Buchanan.
(b) Andrew Jackson.
(c) Millard Fillmore.
(d) Thomas Jefferson.

6. According to Lincoln, why are multiple arrests made in Maryland in Chapter 1?
(a) To silence political dissenters.
(b) To prevent unrest and preserve the Union.
(c) To undermine an assassination plot.
(d) To break up a ring of Confederate spies.

7. Why is John Merryman arrested in Chapter 1?
(a) For bringing illegal goods across picket lines.
(b) For shooting his slaves.
(c) For selling alcohol to Union troops.
(d) For raising forces for the Confederacy.

8. How do the Confederates plan on reacting to Grant's order in Chapter 4?
(a) Conscript Union citizens as Confederate soldiers.
(b) Burn all the farms and villages north of the border.
(c) Hide in the woods and snipe Union soldiers as they pass.
(d) Arrest Union citizens to use in hostage exchanges.

9. Which group of Americans is excluded from Grant's order in Chapter 4?
(a) Women.
(b) Quakers.
(c) Pilgrims.
(d) Children.

10. Why does Clement L. Vallandigham's arrest cause widespread Democratic protests?
(a) He is a well read author.
(b) He was arrested without legal precedent.
(c) He is a respected preacher.
(d) He was once a member of the U.S. Congress.

11. What type of warfare does John Singleton Mosby employ?
(a) Maneuver warfare.
(b) Attrition warfare.
(c) Jacksonian warfare.
(d) Guerrilla tactics.

12. Why is Edmund J. Ellis banished from Missouri?
(a) For burning a bridge into St. Louis.
(b) For bringing illegal goods across picket lines.
(c) For selling alcohol to Union troops.
(d) For exercising freedom of expression.

13. Why does Joseph Griffin sue Captain Frank Wilcox for false imprisonment?
(a) He is a loyal citizen of the Union.
(b) He is a legal citizen of the United States.
(c) He has a license to sell alcohol.
(d) Martial law does not give the right to confiscate private property.

14. In Chapter 5, what do some of the men that Watson has arrested offer Charles Dana?
(a) Alcohol for Union troops.
(b) A chance to learn the names of Confederate spies.
(c) The location of Confederate forces.
(d) A bribe to free them and return their files.

15. What war time legal practice is revived due to the rise of guerilla warfare in America?
(a) Seizure of property.
(b) Military commissions.
(c) Execution squads.
(d) Hangings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname is given to President Lincoln?

2. Which two bills does Congress pass on March 3, 1863?

3. What concerns do Union commanders have about Confederate deserters?

4. Which famous case will refer to Samuel Perkins' arguments in 1966?

5. What does General Order No. 104 request that civilian and military authorities do?

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