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Mark E. Neely, Jr.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many civilian arrests does William Seward preside over in Chapter 1?
(a) 12,206.
(b) 1,864.
(c) 12.
(d) 864.

2. Which former U.S. President does Lincoln admire?
(a) Thomas Jefferson.
(b) Millard Fillmore.
(c) Andrew Jackson.
(d) James Buchanan.

3. What book does Dennis A. Mahony write after his release?
(a) Low Tide for Liberty.
(b) The Prisoner of State.
(c) The Merryman.
(d) The American Bastile.

4. Who is Hamilton Easter?
(a) A wealthy businessman arrested for blockade running.
(b) A Confederate spy.
(c) A slave who sues for his freedom.
(d) A grocer arrested for bringing illegal goods across picket lines.

5. What type of warfare does John Singleton Mosby employ?
(a) Guerrilla tactics.
(b) Jacksonian warfare.
(c) Attrition warfare.
(d) Maneuver warfare.

6. What precedent is set in Joseph Griffin's case?
(a) Financial remuneration must be given to private citizens.
(b) The suspension of habeas corpus does not legalize wrongful arrest.
(c) Suspected sympathizers have no rights.
(d) The suspension of habeas corpus legalizes military arrest.

7. Why does General William S. Harney refuse to release Captain Emmett McDonald?
(a) On grounds of "higher law."
(b) On grounds of international law.
(c) On grounds of federal law.
(d) He fears for Captain McDonald's safety.

8. What decision does General John C. Frymont make about Joseph Aubuchon?
(a) He orders Aubuchon's execution.
(b) He upholds Aubuchon's conviction.
(c) He arrests Aubuchon for interfering in military trials.
(d) He overturns Aubuchon's conviction.

9. After what battle do arrests of Southern citizens begin to decline?
(a) Vicksburg.
(b) Chickamauga.
(c) Gettysburg.
(d) Antietam.

10. Who is Henry W. Halleck?
(a) A St. Louis Justice and rival to General John C. Frymont.
(b) The editor and owner of the St. Louis "State Journal."
(c) General John C. Frymont's replacement.
(d) A St. Louis attorney representing the rights of local citizens.

11. What does Provost Marshal General Bernard G. Farrar declare in light of General Paine's arrests in Chapter 2?
(a) Non-military personnel are subject to military law during war.
(b) Due process is a privilege, not a right.
(c) Due process is a constitutional and moral right.
(d) Property does not exist in the absence of law.

12. Why does Joseph Griffin sue Captain Frank Wilcox for false imprisonment?
(a) He is a legal citizen of the United States.
(b) Martial law does not give the right to confiscate private property.
(c) He is a loyal citizen of the Union.
(d) He has a license to sell alcohol.

13. How are disloyal citizens tried in Chapter 2?
(a) In civil courts.
(b) In military commissions.
(c) In federal courts.
(d) In the field.

14. What are the most common reasons for civilian arrest between 1863 and 1864?
(a) Blockade running and smuggling.
(b) Stealing food and supplies from the Union forces.
(c) Evading the draft.
(d) Publishing anti-Union articles.

15. In Chapter 5, what does Pardon Worsley convince clerks from several prominent businesses that he has the permits and power to do?
(a) Sell alcohol to Union troops.
(b) Suspend the writ of habeas corpus.
(c) Trade through enemy lines.
(d) Locate Confederate spies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which newspaper does Chauncey Burr publish in Chapter 3?

2. How do the Confederates plan on reacting to Grant's order in Chapter 4?

3. Which unpopular bill does Congress pass on July 17, 1862?

4. What orders does President Lincoln give General Benjamin F. Butler and General-in-Chief Winfield Scott in Chapter 1?

5. In Chapter 5, what do some of the men that Watson has arrested offer Charles Dana?

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