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Short Answer Questions

1. Rumi explains to readers that in our lives, God can be both active and:

2. In the folklore, Coleman Barks presents to introduce the poems of Chapter 2, Book 2, he writes about three men who teach others by:

3. In "Town and Country," the countryside man becomes good friends with a:

4. When King Solomon woos a queen in Book 2, Chapter 1, he asks that she do what?

5. What does Rumi note about the light-giving properties of candles in Book 2, Chapter 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the primary moral of the "Town and Country" story?

2. How does the story of the king and the girl he loves end?

3. Instead of doing battle on the military field, what should a good ruler strive for, according to Rumi?

4. Explain the significance of candles in this last section of the book.

5. What is the outcome for each of three fish in one of Rumi's poems?

6. Does Rumi disagree with holy scriptures?

7. What is the solution to King Solomon's crown constantly sliding down his forehead?

8. What does King Solomon want from the Queen of Sheba?

9. Summarize the shopkeeper's experience in "Town and Country."

10. Summarize the folklore Coleman Barks refers to when introducing the poems of Book 2, Chapter 2 to the reader.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rumi writes about numerous love triangles. Summarize the stories and lessons associated with the following complicated "triangles:"

1. The case where three brothers fall in love with a Chinese princess.

2. The case where a king falls in love with a girl and her doctor, but the girl is in love with another person.

Essay Topic 2

Ayaz is a character that appears repeatedly throughout many of Rumi's poems. How does Ayaz evolve through Rumi's writings? In what ways is Ayaz similar to Rumi? To Rumi's friends? How does Rumi use Ayaz to explain to the reader some of his own life experiences?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Rumi's poems involving a mouse and a frog. What key points is Rumi trying to make through these poems? What lessons can a person learn from these poems and apply to his or her life?

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