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Short Answer Questions

1. In one of the poems in Chapter 2, Book 2, what gift does a prisoner receive?

2. The third poem in Book 2, Chapter 3 mentions:

3. In a poem in Chapter 2, Book 2, how does the sick girl who has an "emotional thorn" and who is loved by a king get better?

4. In Book 2, Chapter 3, through his loyalty, Ayaz goes above and beyond what:

5. In "Town and Country," how does the town man usually reply to his country friend's invitation to visit him in the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. In one of Rumi's stories, how does a wise man end up helping a poor man by showing "tough love?"

2. What is the solution to King Solomon's crown constantly sliding down his forehead?

3. In one of the stories, a king falls in love with a girl, but she is not aware that he cares for her. How does he get close to her?

4. Explain what the Mathnawi is.

5. In one of Rumi's story poems, in what predicament do three fish find themselves?

6. Does Rumi disagree with holy scriptures?

7. In one of Rumi's poems, what happens when somebody comes looking for Sheik Kharraqani?

8. Why does Rumi advise people to let go of scriptures after reading them?

9. How are the men's experiences similar in "Town and Country?"

10. What are some of the lessons inherent in the story of the Friend assisting the prisoner through the prayer rug?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How do Rumi's poems express the central theme of unity? Use at least three different poems as references to support your analysis.

Essay Topic 2

Explain how at times, Rumi ventures into the darker aspects of the world to illuminate higher spiritual truths. Refer to some of his short stories and his metaphors to address this topic.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze what the poet says and infers with regards to ethics. Then, compare and contrast some of his ideas with modern-day ethics thinking. Use examples from his poems to support your observations.

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