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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When somebody goes looking for Kharraqani, he finds him doing what?
(a) Polishing his silver.
(b) Riding a lion while gathering firewood.
(c) Riding a bear while gathering berries.
(d) Polishing his sword.

2. In a poem in Chapter 2, Book 2, what does the king discover about himself after the girl he loves receives medical attention?
(a) He's no longer in love with the girl.
(b) He is incapable of true love.
(c) He's in love with the girl's doctor.
(d) He's afraid of becoming ill.

3. What happens to King Solomon's crown in one of the poems in Book 2, Chapter 1?
(a) Is carried away by four birds.
(b) Is stolen by four thieves.
(c) Drops into the ocean.
(d) Keeps sliding down his forehead.

4. Which of the following is NOT a title of one of Rumi's works?
(a) Start Your Lives Over.
(b) These Lovely Bones.
(c) So Recklessly Exposed.
(d) These Exhaling Sounds.

5. After the girl whom the king loves gets better in one of the poems in Chapter 2, Book 2, what does the doctor do?
(a) Reveals that the king is a fraud.
(b) Kills the sorcerer.
(c) Becomes the king's lover.
(d) Strikes her lover dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. When King Solomon woos a queen in Book 2, Chapter 1, he asks that she do what?

2. In a poem in Chapter 2, Book 2, how does the sick girl who has an "emotional thorn" and who is loved by a king get better?

3. In addition to being one of his students and his scribe, Husam Chelebi was Rumi's:

4. In each of the love triangles presented in Chapter 2, Book 2, the woman's behavior:

5. In "Town and Country," the countryside man becomes good friends with a:

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the solution to King Solomon's crown constantly sliding down his forehead?

2. In the story where a king falls in love with a girl, and the girl becomes ill, what does the king learn about himself after a doctor arrives on the scene?

3. Explain what the Mathnawi is.

4. According to Rumi, what limitations does one individual experience when trying to comprehend what another person is feeling?

5. Why does Rumi advise people to let go of scriptures after reading them?

6. How are the men's experiences similar in "Town and Country?"

7. How familiar were Muslims with Christian concepts during Rumi's era?

8. Why is jealousy a recurrent theme in Rumi's work?

9. In the story where the king is in love with a girl, what ailment has afflicted her?

10. What is the primary moral of the "Town and Country" story?

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