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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rumi blends images from Christianity and Islam to:
(a) Enforce religion upon his students.
(b) Point out the absurdity of religion.
(c) Create his own stories.
(d) Try to reconcile all people in his village.

2. What is the premise in Rumi's "Town and Country"?
(a) A peasant gets lost in a town.
(b) A king goes to the country.
(c) A princess moves from the country to a town.
(d) A man visits a friend.

3. At the start of the group of poems in Book 2, Chapter 2, Coleman Barks gives an introduction that includes folklore from what religious tradition?
(a) Christian.
(b) Judaic.
(c) Hindu.
(d) Taoist.

4. In a poem in Chapter 2, Book 2, what does the king discover about himself after the girl he loves receives medical attention?
(a) He is incapable of true love.
(b) He's in love with the girl's doctor.
(c) He's no longer in love with the girl.
(d) He's afraid of becoming ill.

5. Analyzing Rumi's poetry can be challenging because it is clear at points and:
(a) Offensive in places.
(b) Reckless now and again.
(c) Funny at times.
(d) Elusive in other ways.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a title of one of Rumi's works?

2. In one of the poems in Chapter 2, Book 2, the girl that a king falls in love with becomes ill, which concerns him greatly. What does he do?

3. What does the smartest of three fish do in the fish tale in Book 2, Chapter 1?

4. Through many of his poems, Rumi communicates that a person can never really know how another:

5. In the section called "Solomon Poems," Rumi's poetry makes direct references to:

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize the folklore Coleman Barks refers to when introducing the poems of Book 2, Chapter 2 to the reader.

2. How did Islam come about?

3. Summarize the shopkeeper's experience in "Town and Country."

4. In the story where a king falls in love with a girl, and the girl becomes ill, what does the king learn about himself after a doctor arrives on the scene?

5. In one of Rumi's stories, how does a wise man end up helping a poor man by showing "tough love?"

6. Explain how Rumi uses the idea of Jesus riding a donkey as a metaphor.

7. Why is jealousy a recurrent theme in Rumi's work?

8. As Sheik, what is Rumi's ruling philosophy?

9. In the story where the king is in love with a girl, what ailment has afflicted her?

10. How familiar were Muslims with Christian concepts during Rumi's era?

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