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The 13th Century

Rumi was a mystic poet from the 13th century. What major events happened in the world during this century? Create a timeline from 1200 to 1300 AD, showing some of the highlights from around the world during this particular century.

Profile of a Scholar

Who was Coleman Barks? Learn more about Barks -- scholar, poet, and translator -- and write a one-page biography of this individual.

What If?

What if you knew Rumi personally? Create a two-page dialogue between you and the mystic poet. What questions would you ask? How might he reply? Try to infuse Rumi's character and personality into his side of the conversation.

Inspiring Friends

Rumi had three friends who inspired much of his poetry. Do you have inspirational friends? Write about one or more of your friends, explaining how each inspires you.

Write a Poem

Rumi's unique voice and style come through in...

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