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Jack McDevitt
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who acts as guide for Harvey's mission?

2. What does Truscott want to find before any further exploration is done?

3. How many members does Hutch manage to get aboard the shuttle?

4. What does Melanie reveal to them when they disclose how they crashed on arrival?

5. Who does Carson ask to remain in the shuttle when they land on Beta Pacifica III?

Short Essay Questions

1. When they arrive at LCO4418 and select a moon to begin working, what occurs and how do they respond?

2. Who was attacked by the crab like creatures on Beta Pacifica III?

3. What do the various team members from Quraqua do back on Earth?

4. What revelation does Hutch have that she wakes Carson to share with him?

5. What does Hutch finally do to find the shuttle after wandering around lost for some time?

6. What does Hutch believe they have to do in order to discover the truth behind what is going on?

7. What is the Academy's position regarding Richard's death and what course of action do they pursue?

8. What do the boarding crew notice on approach to the orbiting space station?

9. When are they rescued, by whom and what do they learn about the object that caused their crash?

10. How does Harvey and his recovery team manage to locate Maggie to bring her back?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the final status of the Wincklemann? What are the chances of survival for its crew? Why is that the case? What critical systems are affected? How does Hutch overcome the issues they are facing? What one critical problem are they still facing? What does Maggie figure out, and what has to be done to ensure survival of the remainder? Who steps up to assume the consequences and why does it become unnecessary?

Essay Topic 2

What happens when the anomaly reaches the newly created Oz? Why is the Ashley Tee of absolutely no help to them at this point? Where do they go to be as safe as possible? What happens that shakes their faith in how safe they are in that place? What conclusion does Frank come to and what does he insist they do immediately? What happens as a result?

Essay Topic 3

What are discontinuities? How are they described by the different races that experience them? How are they described by those who come afterward? What pattern emerges as more are discovered? What assumptions are made by those who uncover them? What eventual pattern is seen by Hutch and what conclusions are drawn as a result?

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