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Jack McDevitt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who were the Scrivners?
(a) Those who kept records of everything.
(b) Merchant sailors.
(c) Spice merchants.
(d) Trade merchants.

2. What decision does Richard Wald make?
(a) That he has to see the Iapetus like figure for himself.
(b) That he wants to return to teaching.
(c) That he wants to be cremated.
(d) That he wants to mine the moon.

3. Where are Hutch's quarters located?
(a) Cliffside.
(b) Knothic Towers.
(c) Seapoint.
(d) Oz.

4. What planet are they trying to terraform?
(a) Quraqua.
(b) Noks.
(c) Inakademeri.
(d) Antioch.

5. What can Richard feel on the bottom?
(a) The aftershock.
(b) The explosion.
(c) The volcanic eruption.
(d) The undertow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Hutch?

2. Who is brought to the Wincklemann by Hutch in the next load?

3. What does no one on board the Wincklemann realize?

4. What problem prevents them from recovering the press?

5. When Hutch regains control, what does she discover?

Short Essay Questions

1. What events conspire against Hutch, slowing down her return to the surface one last time?

2. What are Richard and the remainder of the crew searching for, and what do they find instead of even greater value?

3. What does Maggie appear to be oblivious to?

4. What is the basic topography of Quraqua?

5. What issue does Richard want Hutch's help with, and why did he want Hutch to transmit it?

6. Why is Caseway unwilling to postpone Project Hope even for a little while?

7. What formality does Henry's team observe when they finally break through to the Temple of the Winds, and what do they find inside?

8. What issues make it harder than anticipated to recover the printing press from the Lower Temple.

9. What issue does the Boston Globe bemoan?

10. How long has the mission on Quraqua been in progress and what are Henry and his team hoping to accomplish?

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