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Jack McDevitt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Richard try to convince Caseway to do on Ed's behalf before leaving for Quraqua?
(a) Provide additional funding.
(b) Allow Ed to come back to Earth early.
(c) Send Ed another team to help finish.
(d) Change the timetable for terraforming.

2. What happens on board the Wincklemann at that point?
(a) Janet knocks Maggie flat without warning.
(b) Janet cries.
(c) Maggie faints.
(d) Maggie calls down to enquire after the chases.

3. Where is the first sign of the beginning of the terraforming?
(a) In the southern sky.
(b) In the western sky.
(c) In the northern sky.
(d) In the eastern sky.

4. What can Richard feel on the bottom?
(a) The undertow.
(b) The aftershock.
(c) The volcanic eruption.
(d) The explosion.

5. What does Ian convey to Melanie?
(a) That he is interested in her.
(b) That the archaeologists may need a push to leave.
(c) That explosives will be rigged without failsafes.
(d) That he is not about to hesitate.

6. When does Hutch return to Earth?
(a) May 6th.
(b) Aug. 3rd.
(c) July 4th.
(d) June 5th.

7. How many civilizations have lived on Quraqua?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

8. What problem prevents them from recovering the press?
(a) The tunnel has completely collapsed.
(b) The press is pushed behind large debris.
(c) The tunnel is not clear enough to get at it.
(d) The press is destroyed.

9. What pattern does Richard believe exists?
(a) A pattern to the Towers.
(b) A pattern to the stars.
(c) A pattern to Oz.
(d) A pattern to the discontinuities.

10. Where is Hutch?
(a) In the southern region trying to reach Helm.
(b) Sitting on the surface waiting to evacuate the last members.
(c) On board Wincklemann praying they get to the shuttle.
(d) Orbiting low, waiting for a call to come in.

11. Who warns the scientists about the coming snowball?
(a) Melanie Truscott.
(b) Tommy Loughery.
(c) George Hackett.
(d) Jake Hoffer.

12. When is the Temple of Winds uncovered?
(a) 2242.
(b) 2202.
(c) 2302.
(d) 2208.

13. What else is being done to create additional water for the planet?
(a) Clouds are begin artificially created.
(b) A ring of ice is being pushed into place around the planet.
(c) Icebergs are being towed to the planet.
(d) Clouds are being seeded.

14. What does Richard notice about it?
(a) From the center outward, it is in ever larger circles.
(b) From the center to the outer ring it is concentric.
(c) From the center outward, it is a mirror image of itself.
(d) From the center outward, it shows no sign of symmetry.

15. What is the Kosmik's response to Hutch's homemade torpedo so far?
(a) None, they haven't seen it.
(b) Melanie initiates countermeasures.
(c) Evasive maneuvers are taken.
(d) Melanie targets a response.

Short Answer Questions

1. What damage does the third wave do?

2. Why is Jake reluctant to do as Harvey asks?

3. What do they still require to decipher the language?

4. What is not accounted for in the calculations for the tsunami after the blast?

5. What do Jake and Harvey compromise on?

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