The Engines of God Short Essay - Answer Key

Jack McDevitt
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1. How long has the mission on Quraqua been in progress and what are Henry and his team hoping to accomplish?

The mission on Quraqua is in its 28th year and there is still much to discover on the planet that has had two complete and distinct civilizations. Henry and his team are trying to uncover some of the mysteries and anomalies they've found.

2. What formality does Henry's team observe when they finally break through to the Temple of the Winds, and what do they find inside?

Henry's team observes the formality of allowing Henry to be the first person to go inside the Temple of the Winds when they finally break through, and inside, he discovers that the large space is covered with friezes that depict the story of Tull from infancy to Godhood to mortality and back again.

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