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Arthur Phillips
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What criticism does Ralph level at Carter's find?
(a) That it's a minor king not worthy of attention.
(b) That it's really his find.
(c) That the find was faked.
(d) That Carter's find was accidental.

2. Who does Ralph meet while at Carter's site?
(a) Lord Canterbury.
(b) Lord Carter.
(c) Lord Carnelion.
(d) Lord Carnarvon.

3. What does Ralph wrap himself in?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Satin.
(c) Linen.
(d) Papyrus.

4. In Ralph's last, insane moment, he equates his name with what?
(a) Bastet.
(b) Atum-hadu.
(c) Ra.
(d) Tut-ke-hamen.

5. What does Ralph call the room after the room with the columns?
(a) Chamber of Secrets.
(b) Chamber of Devotion.
(c) Chamber of Treasure.
(d) Chamber of Mysteries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Carter comes to Ralph's villa at night and mentions that what character may have romantic feelings for Ralph?

2. Marlowe invites Paul to visit where on a four day pass?

3. Why does Sonia Nordquist want Ralph to come home with her?

4. In his December 30th letter to Margaret, what does Ralph say that CCF is doing?

5. Marlowe tells Paul a fabricated story of how he and Ralph found what?

Short Essay Questions

1. When does Ralph want to bring Lord Carnarvon to his dig?

2. What does Ahmed tell Ralph, that Ralph takes as a sign of Carter's failure?

3. What does Ralph equate his name with, in his last, insane moments?

4. What crimes is Ahmed arrested for?

5. How does Ralph describe the mummified cat that shows up in the seventh room?

6. What does Ralph want to do when he is crying about not being able to open the ninth chamber?

7. According to Ralph's translations, who is Atum-hadu's new queen?

8. How does Ferrell know that Ralph is lying, and what is Ralph lying to Ferrell about?

9. According to Ralph's translations, why does Atum-hadu try to stab his new queen?

10. What does Ferrell find at the bonfire after realizing that Ralph and CCF didn't use their tickets to board the ship?

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