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Arthur Phillips
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter/Journal 90 - 99.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ahmed tells Ralph of his deep hatred for whom?
(a) Englishmen.
(b) Australians.
(c) Irishmen.
(d) Americans.

2. For whom does CCF mistake a bearded and robed Ralph?
(a) A trespasser.
(b) A student.
(c) A native.
(d) A laborer.

3. Who was the Egyptian cat god?
(a) Basenet.
(b) Bastet.
(c) Bashen.
(d) Baslel.

4. What job does Mr. Hoyt hold?
(a) Circus clown.
(b) Circus manager.
(c) Circus lion tamer.
(d) Circus act.

5. When Ralph recovers from his illness, what time of day does he visit Carter's find?
(a) At dusk.
(b) At dawn.
(c) In the daylight.
(d) At night.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Ralph has finished with the columns, what does he use to open the next door?

2. The first day of the dig involves looking for signs of the tomb where?

3. What does Terbroogan feel for Trilipush?

4. What does CCF do when he comes into the tomb?

5. What does Ralph lower past the smooth stone once they remove it from the cliff face?

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