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Arthur Phillips
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter/Journal 60 - 69.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A telegram from CCF to Ralph promises to send money but also requests details of what?
(a) The official credentials.
(b) The treasures.
(c) Ralph's work.
(d) Ralph's finds.

2. When Ralph sends a telegram to CCF, how does he describe his find?
(a) Sweeping.
(b) Enormous.
(c) Majestic.
(d) Revolutionary.

3. Ralph visits Carter's dig and guesses that Carter uncovered what?
(a) A storage depot.
(b) A well.
(c) A home.
(d) A granary.

4. The first day of the dig involves looking for signs of the tomb where?
(a) On the sides of hills.
(b) At the lower level of the plains.
(c) In the valley in the desert.
(d) At the lower level of a cliff.

5. Carter comes to Ralph's villa at night and mentions that what character may have romantic feelings for Ralph?
(a) Lady Laura.
(b) Lady Vivianne.
(c) Lady Mary.
(d) Lady Evelyn.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the search for evidence yields nothing conclusive, where does Ralph consider digging next?

2. What is the name of Margaret's Swedish nurse?

3. What is the location of Ralph's villa?

4. When Terbroogan takes Ferrell into Ralph's office, what is on his desk?

5. According to Farrell, what kind of addiction does Margaret have?

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