Daily Lessons for Teaching The Egyptologist

Arthur Phillips
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Lesson 1 (from Letter/Journal 1 - 9)


Letter/Journal 1 - 9: This book is formatted differently from a narrative. Instead of being a storyline, the story is told through letters and journals. This lesson will focus on how the format of the book differs from other books and what that means for the story.


1. Split the class into small groups. Have each small group create a list of differences between a traditional narrative and this style of writing. Have each group present their conclusions to the class.

2. Divide the class into two groups. Assign one group to argue that a traditional narrative is a better format for a book while the second group argues that this letter/journal format is a better format. The debate points must be drawn from the list of differences that the small groups came up with. Hold the debate and declare a winner.

3. For discussion: Why would an...

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