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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dona Soledad tells the apprentices that they lack the ____________ to cross over parallel lines and communicate.
(a) Teacher.
(b) Training.
(c) Energy.
(d) Truth.

2. _____________ is the ultimate master of intent and true chief, who makes Don Juan take care of Carlos.
(a) Nestor.
(b) Pablito.
(c) Jose.
(d) Manual.

3. Once Carlos remembers his ________ side, then the apprentices might be the ones who will work with him as a Nagual.
(a) Back.
(b) Left.
(c) Right.
(d) Front.

4. La Gorda and Carlos rest together on the favorite ___________ of Don Juan and of Don Genaro.
(a) Bed.
(b) Book.
(c) Bench.
(d) Stoop.

5. La Gorda and Carlos begin to argue about whether Carlos has been __________ as they begin remembering.
(a) Rich.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Practicing.
(d) Celibate.

6. Pablito shares with the groups that the _________ are gigantic 'not doings' which is where warriors dream and use second attention.
(a) Tunnels.
(b) Bath houses.
(c) Tombs.
(d) Pyramids.

7. In the memory of what happened with Silvio, the women remember not being hurt, but being _____________.
(a) Ignored.
(b) Alone.
(c) Paralyzed with fear.
(d) Invisible.

8. Which of the apprentices is Carlos closest to? Which one is the one with whom Carlos feels and shares the greatest affinity?
(a) La Gorda.
(b) Nestor.
(c) Anne.
(d) Josefina.

9. __________ had supposedly gone beyond the wall of fog seeking La Gorda, nearly died, and then recognized no one after that.
(a) Carlos.
(b) Pablito.
(c) Jose.
(d) Bengino.

10. Why does Carlos begin to realize what he needs to do within the dream he continues to have?
(a) It continues to recur.
(b) He doesn't find out what he needs to do.
(c) A voice tells him.
(d) He finds a note.

11. Where does the pressure in Carlos' body begin when he is still in Los Angeles?
(a) Chest.
(b) Arm.
(c) Left leg.
(d) Head.

12. Who is the one that first mentioned the idea of ghost dreaming, which La Gorda nervously recalls?
(a) Don Genaro.
(b) No one.
(c) Don Juan.
(d) Don Silvio.

13. Who pushed Carlos in the airline office, which signifies another power spot for him?
(a) Don Silvio.
(b) Don Genaro.
(c) Don Juan.
(d) No one.

14. Which of the apprentices is the only one in a good mood, according to the way the story is told?
(a) Josefina.
(b) La Gorda.
(c) Carlos.
(d) Nestor.

15. The apprentice speaks of the stone ruins in terms of the fearsome _______ and the peaceful tonal structures, which confuses Carlos.
(a) Silvio.
(b) Nagual.
(c) Consciousness.
(d) Don Juan.

Short Answer Questions

1. La Gorda becomes angry at being reminded that she is an unbearable _______ -- empty while wanting to be cute.

2. __________says that Silvio gives Carlos all that he is, causing Carlos to not be seen as the leader anymore.

3. La Gorda feels that dreaming together with Carlos will be a __________ since they have already done it together.

4. ___________ allows that Carlos may not have been trying to hurt anyone, but he might be an unwilling envoy.

5. What is the stage of dreaming in which the dreamer takes action?

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