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Cao Xueqin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jia-zeng notice about Bao-yu's intelligence?
(a) That it is not so impressive.
(b) That it is high.
(c) That is seems to fluctuate.
(d) That it is atrocious to him.

2. What did Bao-yu not allow to be taken from him by his pages?
(a) His schoolbooks.
(b) A rabbit foot pendant.
(c) The purse given to him by Dai-yu.
(d) The sachet given to him by Dai-yu.

3. Why does Bao-yu beg Xi-feng to let he and Qin Zhong stay longer in the temple?
(a) Because he is learning a lot about spirituality.
(b) Because he feels affection for a servant girl.
(c) Because Qin Zhong and Sappy are in love and want to spend time together.
(d) Because Qin Zhong fears going back home.

4. One day, Bao-yu wakes with a feeling of _____________ that will not go away.
(a) Discontentment.
(b) Self pity.
(c) Excitement.
(d) Anger.

5. What arrangements does Xi-feng talk to her husband about in relation to get-togethers?
(a) Dai-yu's blessing.
(b) Bao-yu's birthday party.
(c) Yuan-chun's next visit.
(d) Boa-chai's birthday party.

6. What does Bao-yu pick at Qin Zhong about while staying at the temple?
(a) His affection for a servant girl.
(b) His poor grades in school.
(c) His affection for his cousin.
(d) His thinness and lack of muscles.

7. Who gives temporary names to places and things in the garden for Yuan-chun?
(a) Jia Zheng and Yuan-chun.
(b) Bao-yu and Qin Zhong.
(c) Jia Zheng, his literary friends, and Bao-yu.
(d) Xi-feng.

8. Who does the Prince of Bei-jing ask to meet?
(a) Bao-yu.
(b) Qin-shi.
(c) Jia Rong.
(d) Xi-feng.

9. Who leads Yuan-chun's arrival at her garden?
(a) A priest.
(b) Jia Zheng and Grandmother Jia.
(c) An envoy of eunuchs.
(d) An unshaven nun.

10. What important event is the Prince of Bei-jing present for?
(a) Bao-yu's marriage.
(b) Dai-yu's father's funeral.
(c) Xi-feng taking over the running of the Ning household.
(d) Qin-shi's funeral.

11. Who gives Bao-yu a present of romantic, sexual love stories to read?
(a) Qin-shi.
(b) Precious.
(c) Tealeaf.
(d) Darling.

12. What important event happens on the day of Jia Zheng's birthday?
(a) Bao-yu's study is finished.
(b) Xi-feng returns home.
(c) Yuan-chun is chosen as an Imperial Concubine.
(d) Qin Zhong falls ill.

13. For what does Yuan-chun request octets be written?
(a) Four special places in the garden.
(b) Two enormous trees in the garden.
(c) Each of her future visits to the garden.
(d) Bao-yu and Dai-yu's graduations from school.

14. Who is Yuan-chun overjoyed to see when she comes to see the garden?
(a) Bao-yu.
(b) Jia Zheng.
(c) Jia Rong.
(d) Dai-yu.

15. How many people does Bao-yu share the romantic/erotic stories with?
(a) None.
(b) Two.
(c) Three
(d) One.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dai-yu trying to do when Bao-yu comes to visit her in Chapter 19?

2. What is most important about The Temple of the Iron Threshold in relation to Qin-shi?

3. When Dai-yu hears one of Bao-yu's romantic stories, she becomes _____.

4. What is the attitude of Jia Zheng's literary friends towards Bao-yu?

5. Who seeks advice from Bao-yu about how to take care of the Ning household?

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