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Cao Xueqin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the goddess in the opening chapter in the middle of doing?
(a) Choosing a husband.
(b) Praying.
(c) Reading a book.
(d) Mending the sky.

2. During what affair is Dai-yu seated at a place of honor?
(a) The liturgy.
(b) Supper.
(c) The wedding.
(d) The blessing of the hall.

3. Why does Bao-yu make a scene upon returning home from his visit with Bao-chai?
(a) Because Nannie Li drank something that was intended for him.
(b) Because Nannie Li has been cursing him behind his back.
(c) Because he misses Bao-chai.
(d) Because nobody welcomes him home.

4. Grannie Liu visits the Rong Mansion under the cover of seeing Mrs. Zhou, an old friend, but what is she really looking for?
(a) A runaway servant.
(b) A hand out.
(c) The Jia family will.
(d) Bao-yu's stone.

5. How does the stone feel after being left by the goddess?
(a) Small yet strong.
(b) Free and happy.
(c) Scared and confused.
(d) Rejected and useless.

6. Why is the headmaster going on leave?
(a) He is ill.
(b) To attend business.
(c) To meet the Jia family.
(d) To take vacation.

7. Who does the headmaster leave in charge of the school while he is on leave?
(a) His grandson.
(b) His nephew.
(c) His niece.
(d) His daughter.

8. Why does Dai-yu get upset in Chapter 7?
(a) Because she is brought the flowers last.
(b) Because Bao-yu has chosen the same time to visit Bao-chai.
(c) Because she feels she has been punished for no reason.
(d) Because Bao-yu taunts her.

9. What do Bao-chai and Zhou Rai's wife talk about at the start of Chapter 7?
(a) Zhou Rai's wife's problems with her husband.
(b) Their problems with their children.
(c) The simple prescription a monk prescribed for Bao-chai's illness.
(d) The difficult prescription a monk prescribed for Bao-chai's illness.

10. What is the name of the Chinese town the story line switches too after the Taoist changes his name?
(a) Soochow.
(b) Moajin.
(c) Beiking.
(d) Lingfen.

11. What do Bao-yu and Qin Zhong quickly learn about each other?
(a) That they are both confused about their sexuality.
(b) That they are both rich.
(c) That they are both attracted to maids in their household.
(d) That they are both without a tutor.

12. What does Yu-cun let the family know about the murder case?
(a) That they are indicted until the case is closed.
(b) That they will need to pay a large sum of money.
(c) That the matter of the murder has been cleared up.
(d) That they will need to come to court.

13. How long did Feng Yuan wait to marry the girl in which he was interested?
(a) Three days.
(b) One year.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Five weeks.

14. What does Aunt Xue give to Zhou Rai's wife?
(a) A box filled with money.
(b) A box of decorations for her house.
(c) A box of artificial flowers.
(d) A box of real flowers.

15. What does Yu-cun do to the usher as a result of feeling uncomfortable around him?
(a) Kills the usher's father.
(b) Flees the city.
(c) Has the usher arrested.
(d) Calls in a complaint to the police anonymously.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who forms deeps friendship with Darling and Precious?

2. Grannie Liu first sees Xi-feng who makes the suggestion that these relatives don't visit because they find the Jias _____.

3. What do the more ill-bred students do in light of the headmaster's absence?

4. What is the reason given against Yu-cun arresting Xue?

5. What does Leng Zi-xing explain in regards to turning out sons?

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