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• Mat is sent to Tar Valon to gain separation and healing from the dagger he stole from Shadar Logoth.

• Moiraine, Rand and a number of others hide out in the mountains east of Arad Doman and watch the fighting taking place on the Almoth Plain.

• Jaret Byer reports the events of the battle of Falme to Pedron Niall, the leader of the Children of Light. Byer believes Perrin Aybara is a darkfriend and responsible for Geofraim Bornhald's death.

• Byer shows Niall a hand-drawn picture of Rand battling Ba'alzamon in the sky over Falme.

• Jaichim Carridin does not believe the Seanchan came from across the Aryth Ocean and wants to track down and kill Rand and Perrin.
• Niall wants to eliminate Rand and as many Aes Sedai as possible in a glorious battle and so holds off acting on Carridin's suggestions.

• The Whitecloaks believe anyone who channels to...

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