The Devil's Highway Fun Activities

Urrea, Luis Alberto
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Explore a Mythic Figure

Urrea references numerous figures from the mythology and folklore of the border region. Choose one such figure to research, writing a short description of their history, appearance, and exploits. Complete your project by creating a visual representation of the figure.

Write an Op-Ed

The Yuma 14 were big news in their time and their dangerous journey served as a reference point for numerous people on both sides of the immigration debate. Read a few examples of opinion editorials written in response to the discovery of the Yuma 14 and the rescue of their surviving fellows. Then, write your own op-ed from the perspective of an imaginary journalist living at the time, replicating the style and arguments you encountered in your research.

Map the History of the Border

Retrieve a geographical map of North America and a collection of colored pencils. Research different points in history when...

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