The Devil's Highway Character Descriptions

Urrea, Luis Alberto
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Don Moi Garcia

This big-bellied gangster was notorious as a fixer for the Coyotes of Sonora and eventually led the Yuma 14 to their peril.

Jesus Lopez Ramos AKA Mendez AKA Jesus AKA Chuy

This young Coyote, distinguished by his punk-inspired forelock, was officially blamed for the death of the Yuma 14.


This overweight Coyote led several of the walkers away from the main group, never to be heard from again.


This Coyote died in the desert after leaving the walkers behind and taking their American dollars.

Nahum Landa

This taciturn walker successfully survived the desert crossing; the other walkers followed his lead when choosing what information to share with government officials after the ordeal was over.

Reymundo Barredo Maruri

This walker traveled with his young son, doing everything he could during the journey to help his son survive, only to tear up his money and walk into the...

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