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Lauren Weisberger
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What amazes Andrea at the event at the Met?
(a) That Miranda commends her for her work.
(b) That there are so many famous people there.
(c) That she actually looks like she fits in.
(d) That Miranda is such a good hostess.

2. What does Lily do instead of working on a paper for school in Chapter 14?
(a) She visits Andrea at work.
(b) She goes to the movies.
(c) She sleeps.
(d) She drinks.

3. What is Miranda's schedule of daily activities called?
(a) The bulletin.
(b) The list.
(c) The book.
(d) The bible.

4. What is Christian's agent's name?
(a) Alistair.
(b) Christopher.
(c) Gabriel.
(d) Daniel.

5. In Chapter 9, what do multiple times when she is in the office waiting for Miranda to arrive?
(a) Calls Emily on the phone.
(b) Makes Miranda's breakfast.
(c) Checks herself in the mirror.
(d) Revises Miranda's schedule for the day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alex say he made arrangements for he and Andrea to attend?

2. What does Jeffy bring Andrea in Chapter 10?

3. What has Andrea made arrangements to do at the coffee shop?

4. What time does Andrea arrive at work at in Chapter 9?

5. Who else does Andrea buy coffee for on her second trip to the coffee shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the closet?

2. What is the Bulletin? What event does Andrea take notes on for Miranda in Chapter 11?

3. What trip does Emily tell Andrea about in Chapter 10?

4. Who is in the apartment when Andrea returns home early to get ready for the party in Chapter 14?

5. What shocks Andrea when she is out with Christian in Chapter 13?

6. Why does Andrea decide to encourage Christian's attention at the end of Chapter 15?

7. What does Miranda have Andrea search for in Chapter 13?

8. Who is Illana? What does Illana say to make Andrea break down in tears?

9. What does Miranda berate Andrea for when Miranda sends her to collect her lunch?

10. What is Andrea troubled by at the beginning of Chapter 13? What does Lily tell her when she calls for advice?

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