Objects & Places from The Devil Wears Prada

Lauren Weisberger
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Runway Magazine

This is where Andrea works.

The New Yorker

This is the magazine that Andrea hopes to write for one day.

Elias Clark

This is the publishing company that puts out the magazine that Andrea works at.

Au Bar

This is a social establishment that Andrea visits with Christian and Lily.


This is the overseas location where Andrea assists Miranda with fashion week.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is the location of the dinner party Miranda throws for her brother-in-law and his fiance.


This is a small town in Connecticut where Andrea grew up with her best friend Lily.


This is a coffee shop where Andrea fetches Miranda's daily coffee.


This is the magazine where Andrea gets published after leaving her job under Miranda.


This is the name Andrea gives to women that work in the fashion industry that think of...

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