The Devil Wears Prada Character Descriptions

Lauren Weisberger
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Andrea Sachs

This character is the story's protagonist and dreams of writing for The New Yorker.

Miranda Priestly

This character is editor-in-chief of Runway magazine.

Alex Fineman

This character is a public school teacher.


This character studies Russian Literature at Columbia.


This character comes down with mono.

Mr. Tomlinson

This character is nicknamed B-DAD.


This character is a beauty editor at Runway.

Christian Collingsworth

This character is an accomplished author praised as a genius.


This character is the protagonist's sibling.


This character is married to the protagonist's sibling.


This character is born during the course of the story.

Mrs. Sachs

This character is the protagonist's mother.

Mr. Sachs

This character is a psychologist.


This character is a nanny.


This character is a security guard.

Anita Alvarez

This character writes a fan letter to the editor-in-chief of Runway.

Loretta Andriano


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