The Devil Wears Prada Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Weisberger
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Chapters 1-4

• Andrea struggles to deal with her boss, Miranda Priestly. Priestly demands to pick up her car from the garage and pick up her dog from the vet.

• Andrea grew up in Avon, Connecticut. She graduated from Brown University and spent the following summer traveling in Europe.

• Andrea looks for a job while living with her best friend Lily in New York.

• Andrea is called to the Elias-Clark building in Manhattan to interview for a position.

• Andrea is a little intimidated by the beautiful, thin, women at Runway - she feels she doesn't fit in.

• Andrea is told a position as Miranda Priestly's assistant is available. She is told millions of girls would want the job.

• Andrea meets with Miranda's other assistant, Emily. She says after a year of working for Miranda, Andrea will have her pick of jobs in the publishing industry.

• Andrea dreams of someday...

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