The Demon-Haunted World Character Descriptions

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Dr. Robert Oppenheimer

This person was scientific director of the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bomb during World War II, and later came to believe that he had sinned and was remorseful for his actions.

Dr. Edward Teller

This person was a Hungarian-born nuclear physicist whose early contributions to science included quantum mechanical selection rules, solid state physics and cosmology, and who believed that powerful nuclear weapons were necessary and desirable.

Travis Walton

This person is a recent, commercially successful alien abductee claimant whose story was told in the movie, "Fire in the Sky."

John Glenn

This person is the American astronaut who first orbited the Earth in a space capsule and claimed to have seen little points of light following his capsule.

George Adamski

This person was the first commercially successful alleged alien abductee who claimed to have been taken aboard a space ship and...

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