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Chapter 1

• Carl Sagan is picked up by a driver at the airport on the way to a conference.

• Sagan speaks with the driver about science, finding that the man is interested in the subject, yet scientifically illiterate.

• Sagan describes the problem of scientific illiteracy, pseudoscience, and the importance of fact-based knowledge.

Chapter 2

• Sagan talks about his fears for American society and how it will become a knowledge-based system full of people lacking in knowledge.

• Sagan describes the importance of criticism both in science and in everyday life; Sagan claims that science, not religion, is truly humble.

Chapter 3

• Sagan discusses the human urge to see human images and patterns in natural phenomenon.

• Sagan describes the 'Face on Mars.'

• Sagan criticizes tabloid journalism for its role in various hoaxes, untruths, and conspiracy theories.

Chapter 4

• Sagan describes his childhood fascination with UFOs, and outlines the typical alien abduction.

• Sagan describes...

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