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Character Chess Pieces

Choose four characters from the novel and assign each character a chess piece to represent them. Write an explanation why each character is like their representative chess piece.

Turati Resolution

Imagine that in the future a chess master comes up with a solution to the Turati-Luzhin unfinished chess match. Write a story of the discovery of the resolution, including who wins in the resolution.

Scene from The Defense, the Play

Imagine that you are writing a play based on The Defense. Write one scene from the play as a dramatic dialogue for the theater.

Drawing by Luzhin

Make your own drawing in the style of Luzhin's attempts at drawing.

Luzhin's Life Chess Puzzle

Write up an article for a chess-puzzle section of a magazine, describing Luzhin's metaphoric chess game against life as if it were an actual chess puzzle.

Psychiatrist's Write-up of Luzhin's Case


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