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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unusual gesture does Beth make toward Kerry?
(a) She buys her a pizza
(b) She puts in a cartoon movie
(c) She holds her and strokes her hair
(d) She pats Kerry's head

2. Beth wonders why Kerry is confident at all, since she grew up with
(a) So little attention from her mother
(b) So many people in the house
(c) An indifferent brother
(d) Unhappy parents

3. Mr. Karras considers Ben to be
(a) His son, Sam
(b) His wife's nephew
(c) His prisoner
(d) His ward and student

4. Candy tells Beth that Vincent
(a) Will be a better person
(b) Loved her the most
(c) Is a hopeless case
(d) Is headed for prison

5. Beth is no longer grief stricken, but now only wants
(a) An unbroken family
(b) A new life as a single woman
(c) What is best for Ben
(d) Whatever Pat wants

6. Now that Ben may be found, what ironic fact do we learn about Reese?
(a) He has suspected for a long time who Ben really was
(b) He blames Ben for his mother's indifference
(c) He still does not like his mother
(d) He does not want Ben to return to the family

7. Vincent considers his family's life to be like a
(a) A horror movie
(b) A stage play
(c) Soap opera
(d) A dramatic mini-series

8. When the Cappadoras enter the restaurant with Sam, people begin to have tears induced by
(a) The sight of Sam being so big now
(b) The overwhelming circus atmosphere
(c) The size of little Kerry
(d) The orchestra's choice of music

9. Reese hates the school coach because he
(a) Said that the team would never accept Reese
(b) Told Reese his brother was a loser
(c) Told Reese he was not a good athlete
(d) Told Reese he had a chip on his shoulder

10. George Karras is a loving
(a) Grandfather and brother
(b) Neighbor and citizen
(c) Friend and uncle
(d) Father and husband

11. What is it about Ben's eyes that Beth recognizes?
(a) They look Irish and Italian
(b) They are almost lashless
(c) They are bright green
(d) They are ringed with black lashes

12. How is Sam different from the Cappadoras?
(a) He is loud and boisterous
(b) He has a chip on his shoulder
(c) He has a hysterical sense of humor
(d) He is neat and clean

13. Beth remembers thinking that destruction might pass her by if
(a) She absorbed enough pain
(b) She protected her children properly
(c) She developed a hard enough shell
(d) She took enough photographs

14. Who had Vincent tried to tell about possibly recognizing Ben?
(a) Candy Bliss
(b) Beth Cappadora
(c) Pat Cappadora
(d) Tom Kilgore

15. How does Vincent portray himself to his new-found brother?
(a) He wants to appear very grown up
(b) He wants Ben to think he is an intellectual
(c) He wants Ben to think he is a tough guy
(d) He tries to act like a crazy person

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Cecil's mother unaware that Cecil had someone else's child?

2. In the courtroom, Beth notices that Cecil is no longer

3. Beth cannot restrain herself from

4. How does Beth calm herself down before starting her picture taking?

5. Sam/Ben is somewhat phobic about

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