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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the Cappadoras feeling about Reese now that Ben has returned?
(a) They disregard Reese even more
(b) They think Reese should be grateful
(c) They may see him as a threat to Ben
(d) They think Reese is a good influence

2. How did the FBI handle the possibility of Cecil's involvement in Ben's kidnapping
(a) They fingerprinted Cecil's small son
(b) They missed clues and ignored the possibility
(c) They never had Cecil's fingerprints
(d) They thoroughly investigated Cecil

3. Ben is a gifted
(a) Student
(b) Athlete
(c) Dancer
(d) Pianist

4. What does Beth realize about herself on this day/
(a) How much Ben's kidnapping was her fault
(b) How little love she has given to Vincent
(c) How much her career is about to change
(d) How disengaged she has been from her family

5. Beth begs for Vincent to
(a) Forgive her
(b) Play the piano again
(c) Let her into his life
(d) Get Kerry from scouts

6. Candy has decided to divorce her husband, and
(a) Has not conceived a child
(b) Is bitterly angry at him
(c) Wishes he had been younger
(d) Wants him to support her

7. Beth remembers thinking that destruction might pass her by if
(a) She absorbed enough pain
(b) She developed a hard enough shell
(c) She protected her children properly
(d) She took enough photographs

8. Why was Cecil's mother unaware that Cecil had someone else's child?
(a) They were estranged off and on for years
(b) Sam seemed to look like Cecil
(c) She knew never to ask Cecil any questions
(d) She thought Sam belonged to George Karras

9. Beth knows that Pat
(a) Will be intolerant of her wish to take Sam away
(b) Will object to Sam's wish to play ball
(c) Will be angry with her for visiting a graveyard
(d) Will not be able to understand Sam's pain

10. What do Sam and Reese do together that bonds them?
(a) They ride bicycles
(b) They play basketball
(c) They play video games
(d) They arm wrestle

11. How does Vincent react to the limelight surrounding Ben's return?
(a) He tries to avoid the attention
(b) He resents the press
(c) He basks in the attention
(d) He is hostile to interviewers

12. Vincent considers his family's life to be like a
(a) A horror movie
(b) A stage play
(c) Soap opera
(d) A dramatic mini-series

13. Beth loses her balance when she sees the portrait of
(a) Kerry Cappadora
(b) Rosie Cappadora
(c) Candy Bliss
(d) Cecil Lockhart

14. How is Candy reacting to Ben's reappearance in the Cappadora's life?
(a) She is happy but wants Ben to stay with Mr. Karras
(b) She wishes Vincent would be nicer to Ben
(c) She does not care much for Ben
(d) She feels deep remorse and a sense of failure

15. Reese finally admits that in the hotel lobby he told little Ben to
(a) Go alone to the bathroom
(b) Go get a drink
(c) Go find his mother
(d) Get lost

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beth try to steady herself when taking photographs?

2. What is the name of the neighbor boy who knocks at Beth's door?

3. Sam/Ben is somewhat phobic about

4. What does the young neighbor boy want who knocks at Beth's door?

5. Beth is considering

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