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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pat Cappadora feel about finding Ben?
(a) He is disappointed
(b) He is thrilled
(c) He is angry
(d) He is frightened

2. Ben is somewhat distraught over the fact that
(a) Vincent does not seem to like him
(b) Kerry ignores him
(c) Pat is too controlling
(d) He misses Cecil

3. What unusual gesture does Beth make toward Kerry?
(a) She buys her a pizza
(b) She puts in a cartoon movie
(c) She holds her and strokes her hair
(d) She pats Kerry's head

4. Beth's romantic feelings about Nick are dissolved when she learns
(a) He has had affairs with other women
(b) He has fathered other children
(c) He is really in love with his wife
(d) He is an upstanding citizen

5. Vincent considers his family's life to be like a
(a) A horror movie
(b) A stage play
(c) Soap opera
(d) A dramatic mini-series

6. Mr. Karras considers Ben to be
(a) His wife's nephew
(b) His ward and student
(c) His son, Sam
(d) His prisoner

7. Ben has been in Kerry's school since he was
(a) A toddler
(b) In fourth grade
(c) Five years old
(d) In second grade

8. How does Vincent react to the limelight surrounding Ben's return?
(a) He tries to avoid the attention
(b) He is hostile to interviewers
(c) He resents the press
(d) He basks in the attention

9. During her day spent with Sam, Beth begins to understandto
(a) Sam's ability to sing
(b) Sam's pain at being torn from his old life
(c) Sam's anger at Cecil Lockhart
(d) Sam's hatred for Vincent and Kerry

10. In preparation for the Cappadora's reclaiming of their son, Ben has been
(a) Locked up in his classroom
(b) Put into protective custody
(c) Home, hiding in his room
(d) On a bus out of town

11. Pat is not willing to
(a) Allow his family to be broken
(b) Get on with his life
(c) Let go of his grief
(d) Share Ben with George Karras

12. At the restaurant, Reese and Sam manage to
(a) Slip away for some basketball
(b) Have a drink of champagne
(c) Change into comfortable clothes
(d) Get extra bread with their meal

13. Beth loses her balance when she sees the portrait of
(a) Candy Bliss
(b) Rosie Cappadora
(c) Kerry Cappadora
(d) Cecil Lockhart

14. How does Beth try to steady herself when taking photographs?
(a) She repeats a song in her mind
(b) She tells herself to "line up."
(c) She closes her eyes and relaxes
(d) She closes her fists first

15. What makes it impossible to interrogate Cecil about the kidnapping?
(a) Cecil is catatonic
(b) Cecil is deaf and dumb
(c) Cecil is on her deathbed
(d) Cecil does not speak English

Short Answer Questions

1. While they wait to make their move to get Ben, Pat Cappadora

2. Vincent insists that, this night, Ben will

3. Beth is no longer grief stricken, but now only wants

4. Beth knows that Pat

5. How is Sam different from the Cappadoras?

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