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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ben assures Beth that his parents were
(a) Sticklers for manners
(b) Somewhat sick
(c) Not bad people
(d) Controllling and harsh

2. Pat begins sleeping on the couch when
(a) Candy moves in
(b) Vincent goes to jail
(c) Beth admits her affair
(d) Ben returns to George Karras

3. Sam may feel that he was the cause of
(a) Cecil's mental illness
(b) Beth's mental illness
(c) Pat's bad health
(d) Reese's anger

4. What seems to have happened to Beth on this day?
(a) Her desire to take pictures is gone
(b) Her mental health seems restored
(c) Her hope is gone
(d) Her depression has deepened

5. How does Vincent react to the limelight surrounding Ben's return?
(a) He is hostile to interviewers
(b) He resents the press
(c) He basks in the attention
(d) He tries to avoid the attention

6. In preparation for the Cappadora's reclaiming of their son, Ben has been
(a) Put into protective custody
(b) On a bus out of town
(c) Locked up in his classroom
(d) Home, hiding in his room

7. Ben is a gifted
(a) Student
(b) Athlete
(c) Dancer
(d) Pianist

8. Beth's romantic feelings about Nick are dissolved when she learns
(a) He has fathered other children
(b) He is an upstanding citizen
(c) He has had affairs with other women
(d) He is really in love with his wife

9. Vincent insists that, this night, Ben will
(a) Sleep on the couch
(b) Sleep in Vincent's bed
(c) Eat his pizza without complaint
(d) Brush his teeth before bed

10. Sam learns that his image is painted on
(a) His bedroom wall
(b) Vincent's bedstead
(c) A wall at Angelo's restaurant
(d) A billboard outside of town

11. What is the name of the neighbor boy who knocks at Beth's door?
(a) Sam
(b) Pat
(c) Reese
(d) Joe

12. Reese finally admits that in the hotel lobby he told little Ben to
(a) Get lost
(b) Go alone to the bathroom
(c) Go get a drink
(d) Go find his mother

13. When the Cappadoras enter the restaurant with Sam, people begin to have tears induced by
(a) The overwhelming circus atmosphere
(b) The orchestra's choice of music
(c) The sight of Sam being so big now
(d) The size of little Kerry

14. How does Vincent portray himself to his new-found brother?
(a) He wants Ben to think he is a tough guy
(b) He tries to act like a crazy person
(c) He wants Ben to think he is an intellectual
(d) He wants to appear very grown up

15. Pat is not willing to
(a) Let go of his grief
(b) Share Ben with George Karras
(c) Allow his family to be broken
(d) Get on with his life

Short Answer Questions

1. Candy has decided to divorce her husband, and

2. How is Candy reacting to Ben's reappearance in the Cappadora's life?

3. How did the FBI handle the possibility of Cecil's involvement in Ben's kidnapping

4. Reese goes to jail for

5. What do Sam and Reese do together that bonds them?

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