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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 and 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Candy want to go to Minneapolis?
(a) She thinks Ben has been killed there
(b) There has been a sighting of Ben
(c) She needs a break from work
(d) She wants to see her family

2. How does Beth's father's character come across when a body needs to be identified?
(a) He is the first one ready to go to the morgue
(b) He does not step up or offer to go to the morgue
(c) He becomes ill and leaves
(d) He assumes the body is Ben's

3. What causes Beth to become animated during a phone call?
(a) She has another new job
(b) The news that Candy will be married
(c) She loves hearing from her friends
(d) The neighbor has called

4. Beth was brought up
(a) As a Baptist
(b) As a Muslim
(c) As a Jew
(d) As a Catholic

5. What favor does Candy do for Beth?
(a) She takes her clothes shopping
(b) She takes her to a conference
(c) She forces her to feed Kerry
(d) She takes her out for breakfast

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Beth love Vincent and Carrie?

2. Loretta Quail seems to imply that

3. What is Beth's assumption about Ben at this time in the story?

4. What kind of event is Beth Cappadora attending when Ben disappears?

5. Who was assigned to watch Ben when he disappeared?

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