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Chapters 1 and 2

• Beth, not a particularly kind wife and mother, leaves for her high school reunion with her children and niece in tow

• Vincent, a troubled and distant young boy, and Pat Cappadora, Beth's husband are introduced, as well as the toddler, Ben, and baby Kerry

• Beth looks forward to getting drunk with her old friend, Ellen, and her high school sweetheart, Nick

• Beth is a successful photographer, rivaled only by Cecil Lockhart, a classmate who has had some success as an actress
• Class reunion attendees are gathered in the lobby of the Chicago hotel

• Beth goes to the desk to pay for her room and leaves Ben with his brother, Vincent; Ben disappears in the crowd

• No one is able to find Ben, who is three years old. The Illinois Emergency Network gets involved, police arrive.

• Beth is in shock and drinking heavily

• Candy Bliss, a detective...

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