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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Constanzo leave the battle and return to the duke's house?
(a) he has fallen in love with Alatiel.
(b) he becomes deathly ill.
(c) he comes to protect the women and children.
(d) he changes his mind about fighting.

2. What happens to Pietro when he stays the night at the woman's house?
(a) he becomes ill from poison in his food.
(b) he ends up naked on the street and locked out of the house.
(c) he is tied up, robbed, and dumped into a canal.
(d) he is arrested by the Naples police for soliciting.

3. What do the nuns begin to do with Masetto?
(a) make him dance for them in the garden.
(b) take advantage of him to find out what sex is like.
(c) hide his clothes while he is sleeping.
(d) watch him work without his shirt on.

4. Why do the nuns keep Masetto in the convent for many years?
(a) he fathers children the nuns say are orphans.
(b) he knows too much about their activities.
(c) he speaks and they think God has worked a miracle.
(d) he agrees to stay if they stop wanting sex.

5. What does a monk see that ignites his temptation?
(a) a bag of gold.
(b) a perfect diamond.
(c) a large cathedral.
(d) a beautiful woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tancredi discover his daughter's affair with Guiscardo?

2. Where does Pietro go to ply his trade?

3. What arrangement does Alberto say is necessary for Gabriel to sleep with Monna Lisetta?

4. What does Rustico tell Alibech she must do to serve God?

5. Who is Alatiel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ciappelletto become aware of the brothers' situation?

2. What is the quandary the Florentine brothers find themselves in when Ciappelletto becomes so ill?

3. What do the village women tell Alibech after she explains how she put the devil back into hell with Rustico.

4. What happens that returns Alibech to her village?

5. Why does Isabetta cry over a pot of basil?

6. What do the brothers think when they hear Ciappelletto's confession?

7. Why does Andreuccio di Pietro travel to Naples?

8. What is the ambition of Alibech and where does it take her?

9. What means of entertainment do the young people devise?

10. Describe the character of Ciappelletto who is put in charge of the affairs of Musciatto Franzesi .

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