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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Brother Onion reaches into the box supposedly containing Gabriel's feather?
(a) he pulls out a piece of charcoal.
(b) he falls to pieces.
(c) he becomes frightened.
(d) he faints dead away.

2. What does Caterina say she wants to hear at night?
(a) the breeze in the trees.
(b) the troubadors.
(c) the nightingale.
(d) the crickets.

3. What euphemism does the story teller use for "the thing you are ashamed to mention among men?"
(a) the flower.
(b) the nightingale.
(c) the bower.
(d) the branch.

4. Why has Peronella's husband come home in the middle of the day?
(a) to look for some tools he forgot that morning.
(b) to get something to eat.
(c) to sell the barrel that takes up room in their house.
(d) to spend more time with his wife.

5. Why do the villagers look forward to the arrival of the monk from St. Anthony's monastery?
(a) they have a feast when he comes.
(b) they know he brings gifts.
(c) they like to help the monks.
(d) they like to hear his stories.

6. Who is the somewhat spoiled Caterina?
(a) the cousin of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(b) the daughter of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(c) the sister of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(d) the wife of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.

7. Why does Frederigo leave the city for his farm?
(a) the bill collectors will not find him there.
(b) it is cheaper to live there.
(c) it is a better place for his falcon.
(d) he will not have to see Monna Giovanna.

8. How does Calandrino know that he no longer has magic powers?
(a) when his wife leaves him for a lover.
(b) when his wife finds the stones and throws them out.
(c) when his wife can see him and scolds him for being late.
(d) when his wife breaks a mirror over his head.

9. After her son dies, what does Monna Giovanna decide to do?
(a) marry Frederico.
(b) join a convent.
(c) buy Frederico a new falcon.
(d) kill Frederico.

10. How does he explain the charcoal?
(a) that it is a relic of St. Lorenzo who was burned at the stake.
(b) that it is a relic from the destruction of Jerusalem.
(c) that it is a relic from a fire where Jesus warmed his hands.
(d) that it is a relic of the destruction of Sodom.

11. What do the other nuns expect the abbess to do to the nun with a lover?
(a) punish her.
(b) send her to her village.
(c) give her a vacation.
(d) forgive her.

12. What is the avocation of Gualtieri, the son of a wealthy marquis in Saluzzo?
(a) he paints pictures of unclothed young girls.
(b) he drinks every day in the tavern.
(c) he chases all the pretty girls in the village.
(d) he spends his days hunting and hawking.

13. What does the abbess mistake for her veil in the darkness?
(a) the bed sheet.
(b) her lover's pants.
(c) a pair of bloomers.
(d) a table cloth.

14. When Don Gianni visit the house of the poor Pietro da Tresanti, what is the situation?
(a) the house contains the stable.
(b) there is only one bed in the house.
(c) there are no chairs in the house.
(d) there is not enough food in the house.

15. How does Rabatta insult Bondone?
(a) by saying it is good that he is not an artist's model.
(b) by saying a look at him and no one would guess he is an artist.
(c) by saying he is so ugly a mirror breaks when he looks in.
(d) by saying that he should paint his face to hide the ugly.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what crime does Tingoccio tell Meuccio that there is no real punishment?

2. What do Messer Forese da Rabatta and Giotto di Bondone have in common with the Baronci family?

3. What does Bondone say people would think after looking at Rabatta?

4. What story does Gianni tell to excuse himself from taking Pietro's bed that night?

5. After a night of making love, what happens to the couple?

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