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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the occupation of the man Peronella marries?
(a) a carpenter.
(b) a wood cutter.
(c) a stone mason.
(d) a blacksmith.

2. What does Caterina beg her parents to allow her to do?
(a) to sleep in a room by herself.
(b) to sleep on the balcony outside her bedroom.
(c) to sleep under an arbor in the garden.
(d) to sleep in another part of the house.

3. Who discovers the two lovers the next morning in their compromising situation?
(a) Messer Lizio di Valbona.
(b) Caterina's brother.
(c) Caterina's mother.
(d) the butler.

4. What does Frederico, now a poor man, determine to do when Monna Giovanna comes calling?
(a) hide from her.
(b) order her off his property.
(c) declare his love for her.
(d) cook the falcon to serve her for dinner.

5. When does Peronella's lover come to visit her?
(a) when Peronella gives sleeping powder to her husband.
(b) on the days her husband goes to the next village.
(c) in the daytime when her husband is at work.
(d) at night after her husband falls asleep.

6. What friendship does Monna Giovanna's son strike up in the country?
(a) with Falco.
(b) with Frederico.
(c) with Fernando.
(d) with Giovanni.

7. How are Peronella and her lover surprised one afternoon?
(a) Peronella's husband sends his friend to see her.
(b) Peronella's husband comes to spy on her.
(c) Peronella's husband has an accident at work.
(d) Peronella's husband comes home unexpectedly.

8. What do the men leave in Brother Onion's room?
(a) a map to the place where they plan to hide the feather.
(b) a bag full of onions.
(c) a book with blank pages.
(d) a box with a piece of charcoal in it.

9. Why has Peronella's husband come home in the middle of the day?
(a) to spend more time with his wife.
(b) to look for some tools he forgot that morning.
(c) to sell the barrel that takes up room in their house.
(d) to get something to eat.

10. What do the simple-minded Pietro and his wife want Don Gianni to do?
(a) cast a spell to enlarge their house.
(b) cast a spell that will turn the wife into a mare.
(c) turn their donkey into a mare.
(d) teach them how to cast spells.

11. What does the abbess intend to do when she confronts the wayward nun?
(a) send her and everyone back to bed.
(b) give her a stern lecture.
(c) console her.
(d) take her confession.

12. What does Monna Giovanna offer Frederico for the fortune he lost trying to please her?
(a) half her estate.
(b) a chance to please her now.
(c) her jewels.
(d) money.

13. On the road, how do Rabatta and Bondone dress?
(a) as knights.
(b) as traveling jesters.
(c) as magistrates.
(d) as penniless peasants.

14. How does Rabatta insult Bondone?
(a) by saying he is so ugly a mirror breaks when he looks in.
(b) by saying that he should paint his face to hide the ugly.
(c) by saying it is good that he is not an artist's model.
(d) by saying a look at him and no one would guess he is an artist.

15. What retort does the wayward nun have for the abbess?
(a) that the abbess just does not know what she has missed.
(b) that she is also guilty and wears a man's pants on her head.
(c) that the abbess wears a table cloth on her head.
(d) that her lover is the brother of the abbess' lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. As they travel along, what do Rabatta and Bondone begin to do?

2. Who is the somewhat spoiled Caterina?

3. What do Messer Forese da Rabatta and Giotto di Bondone have in common with the Baronci family?

4. When Gualtieri finally marries, what does he decide to do?

5. After her son dies, what does Monna Giovanna decide to do?

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