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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Messer Forese da Rabatta and Giotto di Bondone have in common with the Baronci family?
(a) they are ugly.
(b) they are religious.
(c) they are Napalitans.
(d) they are Romans.

2. On the road, how do Rabatta and Bondone dress?
(a) as knights.
(b) as penniless peasants.
(c) as traveling jesters.
(d) as magistrates.

3. What is the Baronci family of Florence noted for?
(a) their poverty.
(b) their charity.
(c) their beauty.
(d) their ugliness.

4. What suddenly happens to Monna Giovanna's son?
(a) he becomes ill.
(b) he commits a crime.
(c) he falls in love with a farm girl.
(d) he runs away to the city.

5. What does Don Gianni di Barolo have that shows his wealth?
(a) a wagon to transport his goods.
(b) a servant to transport his goods.
(c) a mare to transport his goods.
(d) a donkey to transport his goods.

6. What poses a problem for the two men who plan to play a trick on Brother Onion?
(a) his servant who guards the room.
(b) there are a group of monks standing outside his door.
(c) his door is locked and there is no window.
(d) they do not know which room is his.

7. With whom does Caterina fall in love?
(a) Berto della Massa, a notorious liar.
(b) Ricciardo Manardi da Brettinoro, an enemy of Lizio di Valbona.
(c) Ricciardo Manardi da Brettinoro, a friend of Lizio di Valbona.
(d) Juan Carlos da Vinci, a cousin of Lizio di Valbona.

8. When the weather does not change, what do Rabatta and Bondone decide to do?
(a) rent a carriage.
(b) go back the way they came.
(c) stay the night.
(d) continue their trek.

9. What do the other nuns expect the abbess to do to the nun with a lover?
(a) forgive her.
(b) give her a vacation.
(c) punish her.
(d) send her to her village.

10. What does Monna Giovanna determine to do?
(a) ask Frederico for his falcon.
(b) ask Frederico to marry her.
(c) invite Frederico to dinner.
(d) take her son back to the city.

11. What does Gianni have the wife do before casting his spell?
(a) she has to remove her clothes and prance around the room.
(b) she has to put a blindfold on her husband.
(c) she has to whinny like a mare.
(d) she has to remove her clothes and get down on all fours.

12. What friendship does Monna Giovanna's son strike up in the country?
(a) with Frederico.
(b) with Fernando.
(c) with Giovanni.
(d) with Falco.

13. Why does the Brother from St. Anthony's monastery travel each year to a nearby village?
(a) to feed the poor.
(b) to take confessions.
(c) to collect alms.
(d) to give alms.

14. How does Peronella explain the man who is in the barrel?
(a) that he is a magician looking for a trick barrel.
(b) that he is a buyer who is examining the barrel.
(c) that he is a musician looking for a barrel drum.
(d) that he is a carpenter repairing the barrel.

15. How does Rabatta insult Bondone?
(a) by saying he is so ugly a mirror breaks when he looks in.
(b) by saying that he should paint his face to hide the ugly.
(c) by saying a look at him and no one would guess he is an artist.
(d) by saying it is good that he is not an artist's model.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bondone's profession?

2. When does Peronella's lover come to visit her?

3. Who are Don Gianni di Barolo and Pietro da Tresanti?

4. What does Peronella do shortly after her marriage?

5. What is the transgression of the abbess who is told in the middle of the night about a nun who has been caught with her lover?

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