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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Ricciardo learns of Caterina's love for him?
(a) Caterina and Ricciardo elope to Venice.
(b) Caterina and Ricciardo begin an affair.
(c) Caterina plays hard to get.
(d) Ricciardo asks for her hand in marriage.

2. With whom does Tingoccio have an affair?
(a) Meuccio's wife.
(b) Meuccio's daughter.
(c) the wife of his nearest neighbor.
(d) the woman who is the mother of Tingoccio's godson.

3. What causes Brother Onion's servant to leave his post?
(a) a game of dice.
(b) the smell of cooking meat.
(c) a parade in the street.
(d) a pretty maid.

4. Who is the somewhat spoiled Caterina?
(a) the wife of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(b) the sister of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(c) the cousin of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.
(d) the daughter of Messer Lizio di Valbona, a rich knight.

5. What warning does Don Gianni give the couple before he casts his spell?
(a) if they look the spell will be broken.
(b) if they do not comply the spell will be broken.
(c) if they write anything the spell will be broken.
(d) if they speak, the spell will be broken.

6. What do the villagers know of the Brother from St. Anthony's who comes once a year?
(a) his reputation as a great story teller.
(b) what they have heard from travelers.
(c) nothing except his words.
(d) his life story since he was born in their village.

7. What does Monna Giovanna discover after dinner?
(a) Frederico cannot part with his falcon.
(b) the falcon has gotten away.
(c) Frederico has sold his falcon.
(d) she has just eaten the very thing she desired.

8. What is the name of the Brother from the monastery of St. Anthony that is the same as the name of a vegetable?
(a) Brother Onion.
(b) Brother Kale.
(c) Brother Endive.
(d) Brother Carrot.

9. After the death of her husband, where does Monna Giovanna take her son?
(a) to the country near Frederigo's farm.
(b) to the south of Italy.
(c) to live with his grandfather.
(d) on an extended trip.

10. When Calandrino finds what he thinks are magic stones, how do his friends play a trick on him?
(a) they pretend that he can read their minds.
(b) they pretend that he has super human strength.
(c) they pretend that he is invisible.
(d) they pretend that he knows the future.

11. What story does Gianni tell to excuse himself from taking Pietro's bed that night?
(a) he claims to have a spell to turn hay into a bed.
(b) he claims to have a spell that turns himself into a horse.
(c) he claims to be able to sleep while on his mare.
(d) he claims to know a spell that will turn his mare into a woman.

12. What do Messer Forese da Rabatta and Giotto di Bondone have in common with the Baronci family?
(a) they are Romans.
(b) they are Napalitans.
(c) they are religious.
(d) they are ugly.

13. What is the Baronci family of Florence noted for?
(a) their ugliness.
(b) their charity.
(c) their beauty.
(d) their poverty.

14. What does Caterina beg her parents to allow her to do?
(a) to sleep on the balcony outside her bedroom.
(b) to sleep under an arbor in the garden.
(c) to sleep in another part of the house.
(d) to sleep in a room by herself.

15. How does Calandrino know that he no longer has magic powers?
(a) when his wife can see him and scolds him for being late.
(b) when his wife breaks a mirror over his head.
(c) when his wife finds the stones and throws them out.
(d) when his wife leaves him for a lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the men leave in Brother Onion's room?

2. What does the abbess mistake for her veil in the darkness?

3. What does Gianni have the wife do before casting his spell?

4. Where does Peronella tell her lover to hide?

5. When Rabatta and Bondone meet on the road to Florence, what happens to cause them to seek shelter?

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