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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men leave in Brother Onion's room?
(a) a bag full of onions.
(b) a box with a piece of charcoal in it.
(c) a book with blank pages.
(d) a map to the place where they plan to hide the feather.

2. What does Bondone say people would think after looking at Rabatta?
(a) he has shifty eyes like a criminal.
(b) he looks more like a chimney sweep.
(c) he is so ugly he has to slip up on water to get a drink.
(d) he is too simple to know his alphabet.

3. What is Bondone's profession?
(a) he is a noted composer.
(b) he is a prominent merchant.
(c) he is a noted artist.
(d) he is a knight in the court.

4. When Gualtieri finally marries, what does he decide to do?
(a) lock his wife away in a tower.
(b) share his wife with his cousin.
(c) kill his wife and marry a young girl.
(d) test his wife to see if she is faithful.

5. What does Caterina beg her parents to allow her to do?
(a) to sleep in a room by herself.
(b) to sleep on the balcony outside her bedroom.
(c) to sleep in another part of the house.
(d) to sleep under an arbor in the garden.

6. What does Monna Giovanna's son want to possess?
(a) Frederico's falcon.
(b) Frederico's daughter.
(c) Frederico's horse.
(d) Frederico's farm.

7. Who are Calandrino, Bruno and Buffalmacco?
(a) three monks who learn alchemy.
(b) three simpletons who work as painters.
(c) three friends who rob travelers.
(d) three wizards to look for the magic heliotrope.

8. What is the occupation of the man Peronella marries?
(a) a stone mason.
(b) a wood cutter.
(c) a blacksmith.
(d) a carpenter.

9. What promise does Brother Onion make to the villagers this time?
(a) to show them frakincense and myrrh.
(b) to show them a relic of the cross.
(c) to show them how to walk on water.
(d) to show them a feather from the wings of Gabriel.

10. How does Frederigo waste his fortune?
(a) on elaborate parties to impress Monna Giovanna.
(b) on jewels and gifts to impress Monna Giovanna.
(c) on jousts and other things to impress Monna Giovanna.
(d) on travel to exotic places to impress Monna Giovanna.

11. What story does Gianni tell to excuse himself from taking Pietro's bed that night?
(a) he claims to have a spell that turns himself into a horse.
(b) he claims to be able to sleep while on his mare.
(c) he claims to know a spell that will turn his mare into a woman.
(d) he claims to have a spell to turn hay into a bed.

12. While Peronella's husband is inside cleaning the barrel, what is Peronella doing?
(a) scolding her husband for leaving work.
(b) trying to think where her lover will get the money.
(c) rushing her lover out of the house.
(d) bending over the barrel to supervise.

13. Why do the villagers look forward to the arrival of the monk from St. Anthony's monastery?
(a) they like to hear his stories.
(b) they like to help the monks.
(c) they know he brings gifts.
(d) they have a feast when he comes.

14. When does Peronella's lover come to visit her?
(a) on the days her husband goes to the next village.
(b) in the daytime when her husband is at work.
(c) at night after her husband falls asleep.
(d) when Peronella gives sleeping powder to her husband.

15. How does he explain the charcoal?
(a) that it is a relic from the destruction of Jerusalem.
(b) that it is a relic of St. Lorenzo who was burned at the stake.
(c) that it is a relic of the destruction of Sodom.
(d) that it is a relic from a fire where Jesus warmed his hands.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Tingoccio dies, what does he do that he had promised Meuccio in life?

2. What poses a problem for the two men who plan to play a trick on Brother Onion?

3. What is Rabatta's profession?

4. What reason does Caterina give for wanting to change her sleeping arrangements?

5. How does Calandrino know that he no longer has magic powers?

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