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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what crime does Tingoccio tell Meuccio that there is no real punishment?
(a) for lusting after beautiful girls.
(b) for having the affair with the mother of his godson.
(c) for beating his wife.
(d) for stealing loaves of bread.

2. What does Frederico, now a poor man, determine to do when Monna Giovanna comes calling?
(a) declare his love for her.
(b) order her off his property.
(c) hide from her.
(d) cook the falcon to serve her for dinner.

3. What do Messer Forese da Rabatta and Giotto di Bondone have in common with the Baronci family?
(a) they are religious.
(b) they are ugly.
(c) they are Napalitans.
(d) they are Romans.

4. What is the Baronci family of Florence noted for?
(a) their beauty.
(b) their poverty.
(c) their ugliness.
(d) their charity.

5. What is the name of the Brother from the monastery of St. Anthony that is the same as the name of a vegetable?
(a) Brother Endive.
(b) Brother Carrot.
(c) Brother Kale.
(d) Brother Onion.

6. How does the wayward nun respond to the abbess' reprimand?
(a) she is unrepentant.
(b) she is immediately contrite.
(c) she hides her face in shame.
(d) she dies suddenly.

7. What do the simple-minded Pietro and his wife want Don Gianni to do?
(a) cast a spell to enlarge their house.
(b) turn their donkey into a mare.
(c) cast a spell that will turn the wife into a mare.
(d) teach them how to cast spells.

8. What does Gianni have the wife do before casting his spell?
(a) she has to put a blindfold on her husband.
(b) she has to remove her clothes and prance around the room.
(c) she has to whinny like a mare.
(d) she has to remove her clothes and get down on all fours.

9. What does Messer Lizio di Valbona tell his wife Caterina's hand was wrapped around when he found them?
(a) Ricciardo's dagger.
(b) her beloved nightingale.
(c) a bouquet of roses.
(d) the bedpost.

10. Who are Don Gianni di Barolo and Pietro da Tresanti?
(a) bankers who extort money from the poor.
(b) brothers-in-law.
(c) competitors for the same lover.
(d) businessmen who deal in trading goods.

11. What reason does Caterina give for wanting to change her sleeping arrangements?
(a) she says she is all grown up now.
(b) she says the fresh night air is good for her.
(c) she says it is too hot in her bed and she cannot sleep.
(d) she says she likes to sleep under the stars.

12. With whom does Tingoccio have an affair?
(a) the woman who is the mother of Tingoccio's godson.
(b) Meuccio's daughter.
(c) the wife of his nearest neighbor.
(d) Meuccio's wife.

13. Where does Tingoccio tell Meuccio he now is?
(a) in Heaven eating ambrosia with the angels.
(b) in Purgatory explaining away his past sins.
(c) in Hell for having an affair.
(d) in limbo waiting for his judgment.

14. What friendship does Monna Giovanna's son strike up in the country?
(a) with Giovanni.
(b) with Frederico.
(c) with Falco.
(d) with Fernando.

15. How does Ricciardo avoid being killed for his transgression?
(a) he pretends that he has lost him memory.
(b) he agrees to pay a bag of gold.
(c) he agrees to marry Caterina.
(d) he jumps naked from the balcony and runs away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Peronella's occupation?

2. As they travel along, what do Rabatta and Bondone begin to do?

3. What does Don Gianni di Barolo have that shows his wealth?

4. What is Bondone's profession?

5. What retort does the wayward nun have for the abbess?

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