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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ser Ciappelletto find lodging in Burgundy?
(a) with two Florentine brothers.
(b) in an expensive inn that Musciatto pays for.
(c) with a needy widow.
(d) with two Franciscan friars.

2. What does Pietro end up with that is worth more than the money he lost?
(a) a ruby ring.
(b) a gold crown.
(c) a bag of silver.
(d) a prize horse.

3. Where does Alibech set out on her quest?
(a) she goes alone to Greece.
(b) she goes alone to study in Alexandria.
(c) she goes alone to Jerusalem.
(d) she goes alone to explore the Egyptian desert.

4. Who discovers what the monk is doing?
(a) the abbot of the monastery.
(b) the gardener.
(c) the other monks in the monastery.
(d) the woman's husband.

5. What is the discovery of Saladin, the Sultan of Babylon?
(a) he has more money than he can use.
(b) his treasury is empty.
(c) his people are giving him too much respect.
(d) his wives are wearing old clothes.

6. With whom does Isabetta fall in love and begin an affair?
(a) Lorenzo, the man who takes care of much of the family business.
(b) the man who grooms her brothers' horses.
(c) the man who tends the family gardens.
(d) the tutor who comes to give her lessons.

7. Where does the monk take a woman?
(a) to her bedroom.
(b) to his cell.
(c) to an inn.
(d) to a garden.

8. How does Isabetta learn of Lorenzo's fate?
(a) an angel tells her in a dream.
(b) a witness to his murder comes to tell her.
(c) he comes to her in a dream.
(d) she accidentally finds his shallow grave.

9. What happens to Pietro when he stays the night at the woman's house?
(a) he is tied up, robbed, and dumped into a canal.
(b) he becomes ill from poison in his food.
(c) he is arrested by the Naples police for soliciting.
(d) he ends up naked on the street and locked out of the house.

10. What does the foolish girl, Alibech, want to do?
(a) become a warrior for God.
(b) prove there is no God.
(c) to find one who can teach the ways of the Lord.
(d) learn about sex.

11. What tragedy befalls Alatiel?
(a) she is sold by her brothers for a great price.
(b) she is betrothed to an ugly old king.
(c) she is shipwrecked off the island of Majorca.
(d) she is captured by pirates on the high seas.

12. Why does Giannotto think it is so necessary to convert Abraham?
(a) he cannot be openly friends with Abraham as long as he is a Jew.
(b) unless Abraham converts to Christianity, he is sure to go to hell.
(c) he needs to have saved one soul before the year is out.
(d) unless he converts Abraham, he cannot go to heaven himself.

13. Where does the first holy man send Alibech?
(a) to a blind holy man who will not be tempted by her beauty.
(b) to a holy man who is paralyzed from the waist down.
(c) to a married holy man who will look on Alibech as a daughter.
(d) to a holy man who is supposedly more learned than the first.

14. What horrible thing does Tancredi do to his daughter?
(a) he chops up Guiscardo's heart and has it prepared for her.
(b) he makes her witness the beheading of Guiscardo.
(c) he lockes her in her room until he dies.
(d) he takes away all her clothes so she cannot go outside.

15. Where does Abraham insist on going to find out about Christianity?
(a) to Rome.
(b) to Antioch.
(c) to Jerusalem.
(d) to a monastery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Eventually, who does Ghismunda marry as arranged by her father?

2. What do the nuns do because they think Masetto is deaf?

3. What are the three holy laws Saladin challenges Melchisedech to name as the one with the most truths?

4. Why does the abbot never punish the monk?

5. Why does the King determine that no one should ever know about all the men and unfortunate circumstances in Alatiel's life?

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