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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Alatiel from the sailor after the murder of the other sailor?
(a) a merchant.
(b) a bandit.
(c) a magician.
(d) a prince.

2. With whom does Isabetta fall in love and begin an affair?
(a) the man who tends the family gardens.
(b) the man who grooms her brothers' horses.
(c) the tutor who comes to give her lessons.
(d) Lorenzo, the man who takes care of much of the family business.

3. What does Rustico tell Alibech to do?
(a) do like him and remove her clothes.
(b) watch as he removes his clothes.
(c) lift her skirts to let him see her sin.
(d) cover her eyes while he undresses.

4. How does Monna Lisetta meet Brother Alberto?
(a) see meets him in the market.
(b) she is introduced by her sister.
(c) she hears him preach in church.
(d) she comes to Brother Alberto to confess her sins.

5. What results after Monna Lisetta believes Alberto's story and agrees to comply?
(a) Monna Lisetta only complies when wearing a blindfold.
(b) they carry on an affair for quite some time.
(c) Alberto has to find a suitable place.
(d) Alberto gets cold feet and calls it off.

6. Who does Alibech eventually find?
(a) a holy woman who heals the sick.
(b) a holy man who teaches in a synagogue.
(c) a holy woman who lives in a cave.
(d) a holy man who lives in a hut.

7. What arrangement does Alberto say is necessary for Gabriel to sleep with Monna Lisetta?
(a) Alberto will have to tie her to the bedposts.
(b) Alberto must be present to witness Gabriel's actions.
(c) Monna Lisetta must keep her eyes closed.
(d) the angel will have to use Alberto's body.

8. What does Rustico tell Alibech she must do to serve God?
(a) to chastize the devil with her tongue.
(b) to sleep naked in Rustico's bed.
(c) to put the devil back into hell.
(d) to give herself to God's priest.

9. Why is Masetto interested in the gardening job?
(a) because he is too ugly to work anywhere else.
(b) for the freedoms it allows.
(c) because he has been out of work for a long time.
(d) because he is so religious.

10. How does Ciappelletto's confession later hoodwink the church?
(a) Ciappelletto becomes a model for all businessmen.
(b) Ciappelletto becomes a martyr and is later canonized.
(c) Ciappelletto promises a donation he never makes.
(d) Ciappelletto is buried in the Vatican.

11. Why does the abbot never punish the monk?
(a) because he had the woman as well.
(b) because he could not prove what the monk had done.
(c) because the monk caught him with a boy.
(d) because he feared the community would reject the monastery.

12. When Ciappelletto becomes gravely ill, what do the brothers think?
(a) no one would blame them for turning him out of their house.
(b) no priest would ever absolve a man as evil as Ciappelletto.
(c) they might have to take him back to Paris.
(d) they can steal his money after he dies.

13. What does the foolish girl, Alibech, want to do?
(a) to find one who can teach the ways of the Lord.
(b) become a warrior for God.
(c) learn about sex.
(d) prove there is no God.

14. Why does the King determine that no one should ever know about all the men and unfortunate circumstances in Alatiel's life?
(a) because she could not speak the language of her captors.
(b) because the men who knew who she was are all dead.
(c) because she always wore a veil.
(d) because she never told anyone who she was.

15. Who does Alatiel eventually meet?
(a) the King of France who recognizes her.
(b) the Prince of Wales who recognizes her.
(c) the King of Cyprus who recognizes her.
(d) the sultan of Brunei who recognizes her.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Masetto return to his village of Lamporecchio?

2. Who is Alatiel's next lover after Constanzo?

3. What does Alibech find surprising?

4. What does Saladin plan to do when he visits Melchisedech?

5. Why does Ghismunda not marry at a time when other girls her age have taken husbands?

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