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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 - 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Gianni tell to excuse himself from taking Pietro's bed that night?
(a) he claims to have a spell to turn hay into a bed.
(b) he claims to be able to sleep while on his mare.
(c) he claims to know a spell that will turn his mare into a woman.
(d) he claims to have a spell that turns himself into a horse.

2. With whom does Caterina fall in love?
(a) Berto della Massa, a notorious liar.
(b) Juan Carlos da Vinci, a cousin of Lizio di Valbona.
(c) Ricciardo Manardi da Brettinoro, an enemy of Lizio di Valbona.
(d) Ricciardo Manardi da Brettinoro, a friend of Lizio di Valbona.

3. Who takes the place of the prince and seeks revenge on the duke?
(a) the prince's son.
(b) the prince's father.
(c) the prince's sister.
(d) the prince's brother.

4. What horrible thing does Tancredi do to his daughter?
(a) he lockes her in her room until he dies.
(b) he makes her witness the beheading of Guiscardo.
(c) he takes away all her clothes so she cannot go outside.
(d) he chops up Guiscardo's heart and has it prepared for her.

5. What does Frederico, now a poor man, determine to do when Monna Giovanna comes calling?
(a) declare his love for her.
(b) order her off his property.
(c) cook the falcon to serve her for dinner.
(d) hide from her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are Calandrino, Bruno and Buffalmacco?

2. How are Peronella and her lover surprised one afternoon?

3. When Ciappelletto becomes gravely ill, what do the brothers think?

4. Where does Peronella tell her lover to hide?

5. How does Ciappelletto's confession later hoodwink the church?

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