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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 - 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Calandrino know that he no longer has magic powers?
(a) when his wife breaks a mirror over his head.
(b) when his wife finds the stones and throws them out.
(c) when his wife can see him and scolds him for being late.
(d) when his wife leaves him for a lover.

2. What do the brothers do to Isabetta's lover?
(a) they have him tarred and feathered.
(b) they have him taken out of the city and killed.
(c) they have his put into prison.
(d) they have him transferred to Paris.

3. Why does Musciatto Franzesi choose Ser Ciappelletto to handle debts and trade?
(a) He wants a totally honest man to run his business.
(b) He thinks Ser Ciappelletto is a bit stupid.
(c) He fears the unscrupulous behavior of the Burgundians.
(d) He thinks Ser Ciappelletto is rich enough not to steal from him.

4. Tiring of Monna Lisetta's vain confessions, what does Brother Alberto do?
(a) he runs when he sees her coming.
(b) he plugs up his ears.
(c) he reproaches her.
(d) he refuses her absolution.

5. Where does Tingoccio tell Meuccio he now is?
(a) in Heaven eating ambrosia with the angels.
(b) in limbo waiting for his judgment.
(c) in Purgatory explaining away his past sins.
(d) in Hell for having an affair.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the death of her husband, where does Monna Giovanna take her son?

2. What does Peronella's lover do while she supervises her husband?

3. What does Abraham observe among the church leaders in Rome?

4. After Tingoccio dies, what does he do that he had promised Meuccio in life?

5. What does Nuto suggest Masetto do to get the job?

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